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About Ymatruz

I love writing.

To focus in writing means my attention diverts to something good and meaningful. And my over thinking becomes beneficial.

Among the forms of writings, poems are music to my ear. My heart sings when I write a poem. Its words are sharpening the dark edge of my soul turning cynical thoughts into positive motivation or at times, whimsical tales around me. It releases the warm but conflicting energies stuck in my heart and my ever stubborn head, like poetic atoms persisting to come out and be written.

Poetry, for me is not a declaration of pride nor does it brag how expanded your vocabulary is, but it is a show of your earnest passion – that innermost rally of emotions which you would rather choose to spill out than get consume by insanity.

If I'm not writing poems or essays, I also write technology articles like how-to tutorials with the aim of keeping the techie words in simple, layman's terms. You may check my current Technology articles, too.

Do you have something in mind? Write. Inspire. Share.


Literature & Blogging.

Ymatruz instinct is here to share poetic thoughts & insights through blogging .

Ymatruz Instinct is here to inspire and share useful ideas through any form of creative writings - essay, poetry, short story, tutorials or free writing.  Here you will find writings that come from the heart.

 ymatruz  /iˈma tro͞o's/ 
derived from the author's name Amy, spelled in reverse order and the word true which means being loyal or something that is factual and real. The combined blog title Ymatruz Instinct means Amy's true works, thoughts, or instincts.

If you find our posts interesting or if you have topics that you want us to write about, feel free to send us a comment.

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Thank you and happy reading.  

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Dreamer. Simple. Hopeful Achiever. Sincere. Intuitive. Wife. In her silence, she loves to write. Things her lips cannot utter, pen is her defense. She is an IT enthusiast and passionate into writing poetry and blogs. You could find her on Instagram: @ymatruz, Facebook: ymatruzinstinct or Goodreads.

Author of The Coffee Cries Foul available in Amazon. More about Ymatruz.


To the West,
I keep words
in the sea chest.
To the East,
writing funnels
thought to a sheer bliss.
To the North,
I am a poet blossom forth.
To the South,
wordsmith bubbles
burst in my mouth.

"I AM"

I am no Maya Angelou
Nor J.K Rowling.
I may not have the caliber
Of Robert Frost
Nor Rudyard Kipling.
I am Ymatruz
And poetry, I am writing.


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