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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What's The Next Big Food Trend? We Call It Sisig

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For Anthony Bourdain, the famous chef and TV host of Parts Unknown, the Philippine dish's sisig will be the next big food trend in the world. And as a Filipino, hearing this puts a big smile on my face.

I introduced sisig to my husband's family here in the US and I am proud to say that they like it. In fact, my mother-in-law even requested recently that I make one for our Mother's day dinner.

Although, I typically use lean meat (pork belly and tenderloin) in place of pig ears or I'd say the "oily, cholesterol-friendly skin part", and jalapeno instead of the siling labuyo (wild chili pepper).

I can get a similar delightful taste using these alternative ingredients but the sisig in the Philippines is way better especially when it is being served on a sizzling plate topped with fresh eggs and calamansi (small round citrus fruit that has sour orange flavor). When I am cooking sisig, I use lemon instead because calamansi is not available.

If you want the "authentic sisig" experience, you may want to cook it using the original ingredients plus the sizzling plate.

I cook sisig differently. How? Either boil, broil or grill the meat before chopping it into tiny pieces. Some are doing both boil and grill preparations for a more flavoursome taste. Then, stir-fry the meat until it is brown and crispy. Normally, I set the browned meat aside while I saute chopped white onions and small amount of ginger with butter. After mixing the meat and cooked onions together, I season it with salt and pepper, and I add squeezed lemon, chili pepper or jalapeno and mayonnaise. I put fresh eggs before serving it.  We do not use sizzling plate, but still, the eggs are slightly cooked from the steam before they even hit our plate.

Sisig is best to mix with beers for pulutan (appetizers eaten when drinking liquor) but I prefer to serve it with rice. If you are looking for a vegetable pair with sisig, I had tried sauteed spinach with garlic and they blended well.

Other variety of sisig are also becoming popular like tuna or beef sisig but for me, nothing beats the taste of pork.

Try to make sisig once and I assure you, you will appreciate it and crave for more.

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