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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sign Language: Hear The Hands, Move Your Heart

By: Ymatruz | Filed under:

Story of faith and greatness

Faith has no sound. Just a heart.

Today is a special day on our parish church.

Father Goode surprised us with his mass for the deaf. Yes, you heard it right. He conducted the mass by his usual holy words and on top of that, with sign language.

In all honesty, it was an incredible moment.

I was moved by the gesture. It was the first time I attended a mass with such extra passion to spread the words of God.

The celebration served us a farewell mass to these group of senior citizens suffering from hearing problems because, Father Goode will be retiring from service in the next two weeks. There was also an interpreter throughout the entire time, including the mass readings and liturgical songs.

It was wonderful to be part of the day, and to experience first hand, this loving community that helps those with physical impairments and bring them closer to God.

I love going to this church. I love to hear the choir singing.

I love the fact that by looking at the hand symbols of the priest on that one day,  I appreciate more the homily. I learn the muted but meaningful lessons of sign language.

I hear the hands of these people who are hard of hearing yet blessed souls. They are symbol of endurance and true faith. They move my heart and I am grateful to them.



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