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Friday, June 9, 2017

Poetry Friday: Tonight is Crickets Booze Night

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It is Poetry Friday and already half of the day has passed, I haven't wrote any new poetry yet. I have been busy doing some coding stuff this morning. But I promise myself to be an active part of this Poetry Friday thingy and today, I use some of my previously written short poems and haiku about nature.

But before anything else, I have thought of a quote and I want to share it with you.

During the moments of solitude or even my happy times, I express myself better when I write poems. Poetry is a dear friend of mine. Like someone who listens to your heart and knows exactly how to calm you. I can easily find the explicit words to describe what I feel by musing and writing my thoughts down.


is where

I could remember looking around while we drive along the mountainous place where we live and passing a low ground near the river, inspired me to write this verse:

unspoken lullabies
blissful meadow
on this peaceful night
guard the long grass
lakes and streams

To be honest, the only rules in poetry that I follow is counting the syllables of my haiku.  Birds are one of my favorite subject in writing:

birds fly towards east
leaving my tiny birdhouse
glide in the blue sky

And crickets, too!

crickets chirp and drink
moon watches them sing wildly
spill the booze tonight

Like the crickets in my poem today, people go out and are having fun during Friday nights at their favorite bars and grills. I cannot claim to be a fan of alcohol. But, if you do not have a medical condition and itching to grab a bottle of beer, why don't you come out, have a little nice chat with your friends and enjoy the night? Goodluck!

Mary Lee has the roundup at A Year of Reading

Cheers to Mary Lee for hosting this week's Poetry Friday!




  1. Hmm, I think this is the first boozy haiku post I've ever read. Clearly, my world has been too small. I'm more a frozen mudslide type. I'm afraid I missed the rounds on Friday, but I'm trying to catch up. Welcome to PF. I like your poetry is... Did you write it?

    1. I wrote the post late night Friday and one thought came to me about booze and crickets and I ended up writing a haiku about it. Yes, I wrote all the poetry in my blog. Thank you for liking it. PF is a great community and I'm glad to read more poetry from other members including yours.