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Saturday, April 22, 2017

I Left My Heart In Florida

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Bougainvilleas remind me of home. The humid weather. The sun warming my skin. I smell the green leaves of the palm trees rustle and sway with the tropical breeze. Dried coconuts scatter on the ground. I prepared to get up early to enjoy the sun lounger. Here, tanning costs me nothing. Although I know, even lizards enjoy the sun, too and they want a share of it, tiptoeing in and out, surrounding the pool and me.

This is the tropical life I miss while shoveling the snow in the Jersey. I never like the snow. If you walk through the garden, spider webs welcome you around. I think a spider bit my right shoulder once. But it is ok, I survived. The worst I got is a swollen part of my shoulder skin for one day.

I love the sunny weather - walking with slippers and shorts. The comfort amidst the shadows of trees. Nature has been good to us for giving one complete day of perfect weather. The feeling of my childhood days living in an island reminisces here. The experience inspire me to write a short poem which I published in my book, The Coffee Cries Foul (about my feet not wanting to leave Florida). Recently, I also write Chasing the Sunrise which might be a part of my next poetry book.


During our few days trip, we enjoyed every minute of it but there is one thing that scared me a bit - the stories of unfriendly alligators.

And yet, we are coming back to you Florida. We will watch the sunrise together.


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