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Friday, January 20, 2017

Taking A Peek At Politics And The Role of Media

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No great leader can be made by image-builders. To be one, it takes inborn qualities, experience and genuine concern for people in a caring and authentic way. – Ymatruz

In the game called politics, mainstream media had become a backbone to build a politician's platform and image. Typically the ultimate assumption is, when media say it first, people will believe it.

But the trend of dissemination of information has radically changed upon the entry of social media into the picture. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and blog websites provide very significant contribution to the spread of information among the millions of online users. Before, politics is a thing discuss mostly by adults. But now, young people are actively taking part into the sensitive political discussions and airing their rants in social media. The rise of millennial awareness are unbelievable and perhaps, unexpected.

Social media are now considered effective handy tool to uncover the truth and real-life events. It only takes one photo shot from your Android phone and few minutes of online presence thereafter to tell the world – this is what actually happened. "I was there. I saw it. The report you heard from television are edited, twisted facts and lies," caption on your Facebook post, for example, reveals a different version of the story.

It is in media where we rely for updates and news about what are happening around us and to our nation  But the ugly thing about media – both mainstream and social media – they are being used to propagate fake news which at times has the intention to harm and attack certain political personalities. Fake news are misleading and full of falsified information – to bait attention and to hide the truth behind the real story.

Reading news which is likely to be unreal, ordinary people bear much confusion as to what they believe is true.

Let me borrow this quote from Mark Twain: "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed."

The question is, who holds the means to verify what are fake news or not? Who have the credibility to declare theirs are not fake when even the big media names are allegedly tainted with secrecy and inaccurate information?

Undoubtedly, there is an ongoing cyber war between media leaders and their followers. Leading the war are those who were able to expose and convince the public about the political games being played, and those who feed the readers with supporting references. Not just a mere talk or hearsay. Not edited [to reflect biased news]. But the details and analysis of the whole picture are given bits by bits.

With that, the credibility of genuine news depends on who is reporting it, and what sources they have. It's the way how I distinguished what political blogs to follow.

Another hint: be wary of media who focus solely on talking repeated crap about a public figure or a group without providing the true essence of public service.

Before I end this article, let me share you my two cents about selecting a leader: There is no such thing as a wise voter. A voter is not wise because he opted to vote an elite-rich candidate with media-declared decent image but who never experience the scarcity of life nor it makes a voter dumb by choosing a candidate tagged to have a lousy mouth but proven performance in implementing peace and order. Politics have long been surrounded by corruption, crime and greed. People are calling for change. The true performer comes out during rough times. He is the one deserving to be called a true public servant.

Who would want a leader who looks pretty and busy in the picture? Better to prefer a statesman who gets the job done for the people even without the camera. Now, this is a modern definition of a bona fide politician.



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