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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Prompt + Quotes 103: String Connection

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My son, you are the world to me. All I have will be yours in time. For the meantime, cherish my words. Grow up like a man, bigger & wiser than me. No man was born alike. You can only be greater in my eyes. I climbed the tower of life the best I could. But you can reach the mountain top & make this world better – like your own." – Ymatruz

Inspired by this picture of father and son bonding on the riverside at sunset, I wrote those words above. That if I was a parent, those are the exact same words I'm going to say to my child. For him to live life with much fondness and gratefulness. And I'm sure, you will utter the same to your kids, too.

I grew up knowing the popular saying, "Nobody's family can hang out the sign, 'Nothing the Matter Here'." I believe it is from a Chinese proverb and since internet did not exist during my younger days, I didn't bother to find out who wrote it.

Every family has its own story – which either breaks or keeps the family string intact. Feuds between parents and kids. Jealousy among siblings. Misunderstanding with relatives. Love and hate. Humanity often fails to distinguish the lessons of the past. We don't need logic to understand why as it comes with the characters of being humans.

Family ties imparted to the minds of our young ones are deeply essential. As they grow, have them enjoy the inspirational tales of love – left by their grandparents and help them treasure the string connection between their parents, siblings, and other older adults around them.

Hope that the essence of brotherhood brings forth the warm affection and natural bond between siblings. Plant the good seeds of parenthood and let the future reaps the basket of good fruits – created by you.

This month of January, I wish to bring you the quotes of life I made myself, like the previous Prompt & Quotes you read from this blog. Hopefulness left standing amidst the crisis, these words are extracted from my own experiences. Thoughts I earned when I stumbled and reflections I made as I rise again.

Delivering fresh quotes to you.
"Thoughts are ideas scattered in your head. When written forms a sentence. When rhymed, it forms a phrase and singing it blooms a beautiful poem."  - Ymatruz

1. Unity between siblings speaks for itself
and it is always rooting from love for one another.

2. The work of one does not reflect the other.
Don't blame him for his erring brother.

3. When parenting fails, you probably don't want to talk about it. But when your kids achieve great honor, you walk proudly with your chin up.

 4. Hold our hands brothers, together we will build our future.

5. My son, you are the world to me. Grow up like a man, bigger  & wiser than me.



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