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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Job Is Stalking the Sun

By: Ymatruz | Filed under:

When you are bored and has nothing to do, why not try to walk under the moonlight, enjoy the seashore, or simply stalk the sun?

I am sitting on the balcony
Outside the rented apartment
Right at the tip of my rooftop
The bees wander around
I think they're waiting
    An opportunity
To get inside my house
To muster the sweet nectar
From the love nest I share
With the man I love

I look up and wonder what happened
To the clouds, where did they go?
I turn to my left, I see the moon
Well, half of the moon is hiding
    In a cloudless sky
I feel the moon awaits
To uncover its secrets
Perhaps, it cannot hide anymore
Whispered to me something
Is bound to unveil
In the coming seconds,
Minutes, or an hour maybe
Or maybe it will wait a day
Or two, I don't know when
Better ask the moon

I wait and watch the sun on my right
The birds are flying below it
Inviting me to fly with them
They flap their wings hundred times
That of the bees singing in my ears
Who says, I cannot stare at the sun?
Huh, my pretty eyes are with me
    Cuddled with my dark sunglasses
Together, we share a long — fixed
    Look at the sun
And witness the rainbow glare

Time passes by
The sun moves to the top of my head
To the middle of the earth above
My neck hurts stalking its trail
As if it's my job to watch
Over it. Only if the sun
Could complain to stop following him
"Tell that to the shadow", I would say
"And to the clouds tailing you."



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