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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Face Your Fear Inside Palawan's Underground River

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If you are a lover of adventure, try to visit Palawan and feel the interesting darkness inside the Underground River cave. Situated in the Western Philippines, Palawan is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines.

It is here inside the dark cave of the Underground River where I made my two cents of pondering, that smooth sailing is possible if there is trust to reach a common goal. Alright, there are two goals in fact – to see the amazing beauty of the naturally designed rock layers and to be able to leave the cave safe and sound.

Why is it so?

Because, the only means to peek of inside is by a boat with strangers along with you. Each one is given a hard hat with safety light, life vest, and a headset with a recorded message where it explains the different shapes of the rocks inside the cave as you pass through it.

An ambient sound of water drippings in the cave is relaxing. Everyone is simply awed by the scenery of the "Holy Family" and rock-shaped vegetables. The cave is large enough to house hundreds and thousands of bats, quietly resting on the rock walls as visitors move pass each rock formation.

Our boat slowly moves towards the end of the tour, they call safe zone. Ahead of the safe zone seems like an infinite stretches of the river though the Underground River itself stretches only about 8.2 km. Tourists are only allowed to go a short distance and the tour takes about 45 minutes.

When you are in an escapade like this, TRUST to each other is necessary. Call me crazy but it took me a while to convince my nyctophobia's alter ego that everything will be alright. I couldn’t stop from thinking what if someone will make a reckless move that will cause panic to everyone in the boat.

Oh my! I can’t swim.

The best moment for me is seeing the light from the cave's opening. At last, after 45 minutes of darkness!

The breathtaking view of the Palawan island makes us crave for more and we hope to explore the rest of the beautiful scenery at the island on our next visit, especially El Nido.



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