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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Prompt + Quotes 102: Everything Writing

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: |

When you seek rewards of your efforts too early,  you do not get it because you focus on the gain, other than the thoughts of your writings.

Think once. Write once. Then, edit seven times or more, if needed.

That's one way to write. Do not hesitate. Trust that when you write with your heart, your words speak the truth.

Think once, write once. Then, edit seven times or more, if needed.

Writing literature is different from writing news. Nowadays, news articles are kinda twisted to bait attention and worse - even contains falsified information - to hide the truth behind the real story and to protect the business integrity of the few elites. Fake news are everywhere, causing the readers to be misinformed. That's not our goal here in Ymatruz Instinct's blog.

Here, we write based on real experiences, and what we simply feel. If there are inspiring quotes that crosses our mind, you will know about them, right here. Just keep on reading and visiting our posts. At times, we share our opinions over something but rarely on political issues.

If we stumble into writing fictional stories, there are no twisting of the truths - simply because the word says it all, it is a 'fiction' where you could make the ugliest damsel turn into the prettiest woman in the whole universe, with a flip of your fingers.

In years time, the best privilege we have as a writer is that we could write our own life story - and complete the story the way we want it - a happy ending.

Delivering fresh quotes to you.
"Thoughts are ideas scattered in your head. When written forms a sentence. When rhymed, it forms a phrase and singing it blooms a beautiful poem."  - Ymatruz

1. When I switch off my coding brain,
my writing mode starts.

2. When you write, carry your heart with you.
Write as if it matters and it will.

3. Of all the forms of writing, poems are music to my ear.

4. False promises are like words written in water.
You mean to break it the moment you say it.

5. Of all the words ever written in Oxford
dictionary, selfie is my favorite.

6. Great poems are not measured
by meters and verse forms.

7. In poetry, the best way to say cuss words
is to hide it behind metaphors.

8. Poetry is a short essay written in a rhythmic manner.
Essay is a long poetry written freely.

9. To write a real poetry, all you need is your heart.
To master the grammar is pretension, unless...
you aim for perfection,
you need extra eyes - those like you
who have passions & hearts to write genuine poetry.

10. I say, flawless poems do not exist.



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