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Friday, December 9, 2016

I Say, Flawless Poems Do Not Exist

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: |

I say, "Flawless poems do not exist."

"To write a real poetry, all you need is your heart. To master the grammar is pretension, unless...you aim for perfection and book publication, you need extra eyes – those like you who have passion and heart to write genuine poetry."

To write a real poetry, all you need is your heart.

I have written above lines to make a stand over somebody who claimed poetry is only for the selected ones, like those who finished Literature courses or like him, who once became an English teacher in some community school. Too proud to boast his bookish style of poetry, he never cared if his unwelcome opinions are hurting other members of a Facebook community group (which I was once a member).

To correct a typo error or call someone's attention because he used an apostrophe by mistake is excusable. But not, when he judged most of the poems in the forum are "products of a broken toilet".

He started a word war, an endless argument with other community members and I found it becoming an unhealthy discussion. The forum's admin could not do anything though one of the members is obviously a complete jerk. Thus, I left the group. I noticed, the only way to make Mr. Perfect happy (after series of attacks on you) is if you engage in reading his works or read about his so called credentials or if you buy his books. Attention seeker - his annoying tricks didn't work to me, I'm sorry.

He has closed his mind for other reasons why people write poetry. While some people write poems to improve their writing skills and grammar usage, for others, it simply makes them happy to express their thoughts in poetic forms, and some dream that their poems would be published somewhere. That dream keeps them hopeful and alive. Who is he to deny it?

Not to mention, writing and reading poetry have been proven effective for self-healing of emotional pain. You do not need to be a Master of Literature or grammar guru to use poetry for self-medication.

For me, poetry is my voice. If I stumbled to any published poems which I really liked, I couldn't be any happier and feel inspired that I wish I could write my own poems, as good as others, that history would remember. No matter if I had seen flaws in it. What I cared for – the poem's message – and how it touched my heart.

The rest of my opinions, I will just leave it here. Good day, everyone!



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