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Saturday, November 26, 2016

When Chocolate Becomes Sweeter Than Sugar

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: |

Chocolate is sweeter than sugar

When love knocks on your door, take a deep breath before you open your heart. Lay your cards on the table and know your expectations. Are you willing to risk getting hurt if your expectations are not met?

Why is it so? Because, in love comes expectation, in expectation comes rejection and in rejection comes pain.

Playing the victim after someone you love did not reciprocate your efforts will lead you to nothing. Oftentimes, our heart assumes that the heart of that special someone can be taught to love you back. But dear, that's not how this world works. Fantasy doesn't have any room when your heart beats over somebody. Keep your ground to reality. Do not just look for the signs. The 'love' that you are waiting to be yours will treat you the way it is – right in front of your eyes. You will feel it.

The good news is, the pain of unrequited love will pass. I mean it. And it was true.

But if love is real, there are always ways around to erase the doubts engulfing your feeling and relationship with someone.

True love finds a way – not through the back roads – but it will seek the straight path coming to you.

If you think you have a competition over someone and it is ruining your world, take action and say something about it as soon as you find out.  That itself is the right time. Hesitation and 'what if' will delay the peace of mind you deserve. And when you get the assurance you are looking, it is the sweetest sugar ever.

I asked my husband to read this before publishing and he wondered what prompted me to write it. "Did I do something wrong?" he murmured. I told him, "No. I think I am becoming a love guru since I found you". :)



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