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Thursday, November 24, 2016

He Doesn't Believe in Guardian Angel Until This Happens

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Are guardian angels real?

I believe so. And I never needed this phrase "to see is to believe" to support my faith that there are really angels around us.

If you want to feel your guardian angels working in your life, pray and invite God presence within you.

What the bible says about angels, "For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways" (Psalm 91:11).

You may ask, if unseen angels are present to watch us, why bad things or accidents are happening?

I do not have a full answer to that question. But when angels are real, remember, that evil spirits exist, too. God may not give an angel for each one of us, but he sends a group of angels surrounding us, to transport blessings into our lives and to protect His people from the wicked intervention of Satan.

When we worship God and ask for help, it can be that he stretches his arms to us through his angels. If you want to feel your guardian angels working in your life, pray and invite God presence within you.

Someone I know doesn't believe in guardian angels, until this happened to him.

I have passionate thoughts about guardian angels and I read about the signs on how would you know if you encountered one. Signs like feathers, coins, random scents or a touch, flashing light, a music or spiritual preach coincidentally related about your problems, flipping through a book or article which has the information you are interested in, or a call from a longtime friend during the times when you are in deep trouble. I shared these to him but he was not a big fan of guardian angels.

One time, we were discussing a very sensitive matter relevant to our relationship goal that was bothering both of us. We prayed together hopeful that the struggle would pass, looking forward to make our bond stronger and at the same time, we sought divine answer and guidance.

We were about to leave for work, when he noticed a "feather" on top of the coffee table. Both of us didn't know where it came from. It would be easy to determine the source, if we had any pillow or clothing that had feathers in it. He picked it up to throw but I told him to keep it. He then placed the feather on our kitchen bar, wondering why I wanted to hold onto it.

Along the way to his work, he called me to tell me he found another feather in his raincoat jacket. Like him, I just thought it was nothing. That day, I came home earlier and immediately checked if the feather was still in the kitchen where he left it - the feather was there, untouched.

The next day, I received a picture message from him. He found a bigger white feather on top of his computer keyboard when he came to work. Since then, he started to believe in guardian angels and my crazy ideas about angels make sense to him now. His encounter with the angelic signs manifested their existence. We are holding each other hands tightly every time it crosses our conversation. Both of us trust that God will never fail us and his angels are always around waiting an invitation to intervene to our lives.



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