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Saturday, October 15, 2016

How Do You Know You Are Raising Your Kids The Right Way

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"Unity between siblings speaks for itself and it is always rooting from love for one another." - Ymatruz

Hold our hands brothers, together we will build our future.

Parenting has never been easy.

Coping with different kids behavior and tantrums are challenging tasks. Even harder if money is tight and you are under stressful situations in your job while you worry about your kids back home.

Yet, exponential number of babies are born every minute, in every part of the world. We cannot deny each new baby born corresponds to additional expenses while the child's needs are provided by their parents.

But who cares?

Kids are parent's happiness. The smile of your baby when you got home from work eases that shoulder fatigue bothering you the whole day at work. And when your baby starts to call you Mama or Dada,  it's the most rewarding feeling for any parent. Watch when you see them walk for the first time and feel the momentary sense of fulfillment. Momentary...yes, you hear it right. Because you know, there many more years ahead to spend taking care of your kids and to walk them through life. So, gear up!

Do you agree if I say, parenting is a career? Actually, a major one.

The first end of the learning curve starts at home. You teach your child the skills to survive. You sent them to school. Teach them how to play baseball. Played with their dolls. Yell at their mistakes. Hug them when they are sad. Get mad when they fight. Remind them to love one another.  It is an endless combination of passion and obligation, somehow rewarding at the end.

"Parents can only give advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." - ANNE FRANK

When kids grow old, they dance in their own rhythm. Once they reach adulthood, they have the complete control of their lives. They make their own decisions, willfully. Sometimes, not adhering to your liking. When parenting fails, you probably don't want to talk about it. But when your kids achieve great honor, you walk proudly with your chin up.

Seeing your kids together happy and in touch with each other on their adult life, you know you have raised your kids the right way. Unity between siblings speaks for itself and it is always rooting from love for one another. Because they learned from their parents who set a good example and who taught them life skills to be good human beings.



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