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Friday, September 30, 2016

The Birth of My Other Side

By: Ymatruz | Filed under:

In this crazy world, the mightier of the swords will survive but the humorous among all could keep his sanity intact before he dies.

The Birth of Humor in Earth is Full of Nuts website by Ymatruz

Dry humor, eh?

Not a master of it. Maybe because, humor comes with natural talent like when you deliver the lines, by your actions or context of the joke.

I cannot exactly describe my kind of humor (means the one I like). But I can give you examples based on the movies I've watched.

Napoleon Dynamite - Ahh, sort of funny but not the movie I will pay a dime in theater.

Deadpool - Some scenes makes me laugh. He talks too much.

Avengers ( both version) - I love all the humor presented in both movies.

Though I tried to include humor rarely in my poetry and articles, I have not received any feedback that my readers find it funny, except for few people who knew me.

But the Star Wars poem I wrote has a humor in it, as I claimed, "Star Wars Yoda Says Poem He Cannot Write, So I Ask Him My Editor To Be". Unless you know Yoda in Star Wars or watched the movies at least, you would know what I mean.

If I can't make it perfect, I believe I could make my "writing humor" improved. My aim is to make it come out as my other side, as a writer.

The new website "Earth is Full of Nuts" is my humor offering. It is still in beta stage but you can check it here . I wrote the tagline myself:
"Break that nutshell or else
someone’s gonna crack your egghead."
I worked hard to design the website image so bear with me. Even a newbie graphic artist would laugh at my work. It doesn't matter if it is a sarcastic laugh, the more important thing is getting readers attention. And please, I cannot pay a professional graphics staff so do not attempt to apply.

If you have a joke you want to share, contact us here.

I was tired of hearing war news or terrorism killing innocent people.  We cannot deny we live in a crazy world where the mightier of the swords will survive but the humorous among all could keep his sanity intact before he dies.

Earth is full of nuts. And so, we are here to promote unity in the world where peace equates love. Keep joy constantly. Share your pocket of ideas while loving yourself.



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