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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sunset: Behind An Artist Overcoming Creative Block

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: |

(The heart behind an artist overcoming creative block)

By the orange sunset echoes the tedious litany,
his pledge to the shallow grave of her dreams
rapidly fragmenting into blurry illusions, turning
lies into pieces of smooth-faced crystal sand
clinging between her worn-out fingers & toes.
"I shall be with you forever". Of course,
the ever forgiving heart stretched its lips
into smile, pounding the soft rock inside her
into powdery grains of sweet sugar cane.

Taunting fish come & go, false days turn into
decades. No sign of green light from her perhaps
defeated knight but an empty, wrecked boat.
The melody she once knew, sung by hummingbirds
music beats of the sunlight, fading slowly as the
sun sets once more, turned into malady unable
to see the brushstrokes of her buoyant face drawn
in the seawater. The never ending sculpture of the man,
she can't excuse herself from the deceitful shadow of
his promise, incapable of grasping visual thoughts
pulled away by her unwanted & haunted imagination.

As she paints torrential rain in her canvas, sobbing
for help from the crashing rocks where it once
stands, she pulls the knife thrust half in her heart.
Tempestuous waves said yes, throw it unto me
to bury it deep within the coral reef's lonely sediments.
Then, she washed her rugged face, her angry hands
splashing like little mermaids as her weary eyes
bid goodbye to the ocean she doubted to be her
devoted best friend but not saying a damn thing.

She left the seashore not wanting
to come back anymore.

Two mashed images taken from different locations - in the Philippines shore and one in front of New Jersey's busy mall.

Distraction is one of the causes of creative block (also known as writer's block) other than depression, alcohol abuse and sickness.

Wikipedia defined writer's block as a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.

Read also: Poem of truth: How I plan my escape?

If you are an artist, a writer or a best-selling author, just the thought of creative block happening to you is fearsome. And when it happens, who knows when your creativity drought would end? I wrote this poem about losing creative block with the idea in mind of the unfulfilled promise of a man.


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