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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Poem of Truth: How I Plan My Escape

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: |

"How I Plan My Escape"

The storm was gone.
It left me stricken,
Sickened by the chilling wind.
The thunder bluster
Yet lingers in my ears.
Bequeathed nothing
But shattered dreams.

Kneeling still,
I stare at the window
& cover myself
With a roof of fallen trees.
This was not the roof I hoped for
     & dreamt of.

They left me
In this withered dream
Of wooden walls —
Or see-through glass, walled up
Around the dying cottage garden
...Plants of Spring.

Yesterday, I chased
A fleeing rodent
Running through the hole
Full of dirt and waste.
Is it really the rat's hole —
Or the door for my escape?
The only thing I like,
It is rustic here. I love rustic.
I could wait till the Fall comes
& it rots the leaves
& weakens the trees
    ...To its knees.

When that comes,
It will be the time
The moment for my escape.
With a little drama, you know
Like in the movie, 'Redemption.
The tempest will be over.
Soon, I will leave this lonely door
        & walk out
From the abyss of isolation.

But first, I have to wake up
         & get up
    From this morning nightmare.

How I Plan My Escape poem was my entry to Rattle's Eukphrastic Challenge for the month of July but it was not chosen for publication. I have made minor revisions in the poem and I decided to self-publish it in my blog instead of finding a home for it somewhere else. The original image on which this poem was based, is not my own copyright so I cannot use it in this article. You could find the original image here.

Life is full of dead woods and foggy clouds on your path to success. Only when you submit yourself to gain one, or move your ass to  reach for it, you will realize the true meaning of failure as you get unexpected rejections. But it will make your triumph, sweeter in the end.

If you want to achieve something, you often have to crawl up the ladder. But be warned to hold tighter each step. Take a deep breath and assess how much more efforts you need to your next climb. Maybe it is time for a divergent thinking. Consider a different approach. This way you are also saving useful energies by not pushing too much of yourself. When the next step gives you a more vivid and realistic "fulfillment" of your goal, you will be all ready to embrace it.