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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In honor of World Teachers' Day: Tribute to All The Teachers

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: |

In honor of World Teachers' Day next month, I am citing an old article to pay tribute to all the teachers out there.

Related to the story I mentioned above, I want to recognize once more that indeed, God did a good job in touching the hearts of people along my path - my family who were with me for better or worst, my teachers who believed in me and molded my knowledge, friends who stayed by my side and few life's mentors who pitched their sermons so that I would keep on moving forward when setback happens. They deserved a special mention in this article.

I am hoping you will agree if I say, "Nothing is more comfortable than writing in your native tongue." You are using less resources of your brain. Especially if you weren't schooled in International English center nor had any reasonable interest in practicing at home when you were young. In my case, translation is harder now that I 'm older.

If I completed the sentence by rule, sometimes I was not being understood. And please don't blame my English teacher, it is just me. Though, I believe it is more about my "lazy" pronunciation and "sylabbled" reading. Syllable is actually a noun. I made up the word sylabbled because Filipinos are thought to read Tagalog words by syllable. We rarely (or never?) have silent vowel unless we are saying an English word or when we shorten the linking verb "ay" (also mean is or are) to 'y like in "Ako ay" becomes "Ako'y" (I am).

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I was in high school when one of my teachers encouraged me to join the school's student journal after reading my essay. I wrote in Tagalog, of course. That was the first time someone ever recognized the emotions I put on writing. I guess my teacher left a good mark that I could remember that scene very clearly.

My Science teacher was one of the most clever person I knew. Her famous line "6 feet below the ground" buried itself in my head. It was her who taught me the argument I always use until now that "if the weather is hot, drink a hot beverage. Tea or coffee." as she said. I bet you are now asking Google "why drink hot on hot weather". Ask the neuroscientist that you know and they could explain it to you better than I am. Unfortunately, my teacher did not elaborate it so I couldn't tell you why. [Lame excuse!]

Honestly speaking, my determination in high school was the key for getting a college scholarship. But my teacher-adviser in my fourth year HS was instrumental for being considered the rare opportunity. She visited my house when the sponsor foundation were looking for candidates. If she hadn't exerted an extra mile, my future would be different than it is now. Perhaps, less exciting.

As I write this article, my keyboard was pushing hard to type the names of my teachers for recognition but respect on their private lives weighed most to me. I hoped they know who they are.

Let us salute all the teachers out there. Teachers and students join hand-in-hand in shaping our future. It could not be a one man's job. There are teachers who had shown extreme kindness and concern to their students. There are mistakes made and bad experiences while we were in school but filtering the lessons learned are more important. Focus on getting the inspiration from the sediment of our teacher's sermon and motherly advise. Think about yourself now that you have a better life ahead of you, far different if you had chosen to hang out on the wrong side of your existence.

A relevant article titled "A Story of A 14-Years Old Who Escapes the War" first appeared in Ymatruz Instinct last August 2016.