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Monday, September 5, 2016

Give Me A Dollar and I Will Give You Millions, Says Lottery

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: | | |

The man complained, "Before I win the lottery, I do not exist."

Winning the lottery is not anymore a dream. And because of it, many noticed him. Family, friends, and strangers he never met in his life before. Because of the 6 numerical combinations printed on his ticket, drawn just perfectly to claim the million dollars prize, suddenly he now exists in their lives.

Little did anyone know that he dreamed of those numbers. The night before, his instinct told him to grab a pen and notepad so that when the lucky numbers come across during his nightly dreams, he would be able to write it down fast. He visualized of winning the lottery before he slept that night. His thoughts were focused on this goal.

And the surprise came the next morning.

His thoughts were focused on this goal. And the unexpected surprise came the next morning.

"You are dreaming again." his wife tapped his face he wondered  how long she did it.

"You were shouting on your dream. I was worried when you started to moan loud so I woke you up."


His wife had a cloth towel in her right hand wiping the sweats in his face and neck. "It must be an awful dream. Look at you!"

The poor wife didn't know that he had dreamed of the lottery numbers and he was actually watching the Mega Millions live draw on  Channel 11 where it announced the Mega ball 14, in his dream. He already got the first five numbers and his excitement rose further as he waited for the last ball. When he heard the five numbers, he jumped on joy enough to cause a magnitude 6.0 earthquake to the whole apartment he was sharing with his wife and kid.

But his wife woke him up.

He hugged his wife tightly as he opened his eyes, still believing that he really won the lottery. But his wife whispered to him once more, "You had a bad dream, sweetheart."

Looking at her regretfully, he saw the sun peeking in their bedroom window lighting her hair deep brown. The pupil of his eyes blinked many times and he almost sobbed like a toddler denied of his milk.

"I don't know what is really happening on you. You are becoming obsessed with your lottery."  She stood up and went out of the bedroom door.

After a while, she came back still holding the wet towel on her hand. She leaned her right hand against the door frame and watched her husband who was still looking sad and exhausted.

She inhaled deeply then uttered, "Don't worry, I wrote the six numbers down. Check that piece of paper on the night stand to your left."