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Friday, September 16, 2016

Conspiracy Theory to discredit President Duterte: Money isn't the root of all evils

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Money isn't the root of all evils, but selfish ambition in the heart along with bad conscience.

I never wanted to talk about politics in this blog. Except on one occasion where I aired my views about my Presidential bet during the Philippines May 2016 election. Politics is a topic which displeases me most of the time and causes me to clench my fists out of frustration because all I hear are dishonest and bias reports by news media. If I could have, I would keep my mouth shut and ignore the bad vibes from the yellow media so they do not penetrate into my brain energy.

But not when I see a man of great honor, for the second time after President Marcos, surfaces in the Philippine politics, bringing with him the genuine love of his nation and open-minded understanding of the needs of his people.

Not when the real macho like President Duterte, fearless to name the big fishes behind the illegal drug trade, even to the fact that public shaming these ill individuals would imperil his life.

He had said before on his first few days in office that the war on drugs involves international syndicates. The conspiracy prevails between the politicians - from smallest unit of barangay leaders up to the mayors, congressmen, and a senator (or senators?); policemen serving as protectors ( Police Officer levels to the Generals), celebrities, judges and maybe, I will not be surprised should in case, media personalities.

The Philippines had suffered enough from corruption, poverty, crime and illegal drugs proliferation. These 4 are linked to each other like an ecosystem. When the people's tax money are being corrupted, the government services given to the people are lacking. A government employee with a corrupted mind often waits for under the table payment ( or lagay) or worst, extortion before he provides the public services expected of him. This is adding unjustifiable extra cost to the poor people trying to make their ends meet everyday. The same poor people these drug cartels are selling the illegal drugs which they cannot afford. When they run out of money, they started to steal from other people - money, jewelry, electronic items or anything that can be sold to sustain their drug needs. Once they are "high" on drugs, these methamphetamine (or shabu) shrink their brains, therefore they are unable to control their minds and emotions ending to other crimes like brutal killing, kidnapping and rape.

International conspiracy for destabilization against Duterte: Only the truth, the media should tell. Stabilize other country, conspire do not. Mind business, your own. #ThingsNeverSaidInStarWars

To destabilize a country, you don't always need a war involving guns and bombs.  Although terrorism is one of the factors, do you think the illegal drugs trade are just about money?

The drug cartels and the submersion of one country into uncontrollable drugs use are the modern form of wars aim to destabilize and silently meddle with and influence its government using technology and money influence. Just today, I read an article from Linkedin post saying that even hacking is being used by drug traders as a means to transport their container vans with their cargo hidden among legitimate merchandise. behind the declared merchandise. I also read before that the GPS is being used for tracking illegal drugs cargo. Though I am not in the position to confirm the veracity of these stories, I'd say it is technology-wise possible.

For these evil individuals, money weighs more than human lives. And if President Duterte, will not put an end into these bad businesses and ill practices, the Philippines will soon be completely occupied by international syndicates who-knows run by which country. And the Filipino people will have more miserable lives.

President Duterte wanted to fight terrorism, too. Both his foul-mouthed and truthful comments, and braveness to face the drug and terrorism wars made him popular internationally. Indeed, he is the icon of a true and modern leader.

Conspiracy theory to discredit Duterte
The LP party senators are obviously attempting a black propaganda about President Duterte - to regain their power in the government and to divert the attention of the angry people from the involvement of their own senator in the drug business inside the National Bilibid Prison.

The latest witness claimed to be a former member of Davao Death Squad accused Duterte of ordering the killing by their group. Of which the senators interrogated him during the live Senate hearing, watched by the Filipino people and found him lacking credibility due to inconsistency of his statements versus the actual facts on the government or police records. He had named the President of the Philippines live on TV but he could not say anything about how he came up as witness and who were the people behind his appearance on the Senate hearing.

Then, the next surprise came from the international media. Last September 15, The New York Times boasted their headline "Rodrigo Duterte Ordered Philippine Killings, Professed hit man testifies" with their one-sided news content and the pre-taped video of scripted testimony (with English translation, mind you!) by this Edgar Motabato witnessed by the people on live TV with no credibility. NYT missed to show the real and truthful news and actual footage during the Senate hearing clearly showing the inconsistency of the witness claims. This man was found lying to his nerves and the tales coming from his mouth are merely scripted.

Pity are the evil humans behind this foolish attempt. They simply cannot accept someone like Duterte as a great leader and worth the respect of his own people (and the world maybe) because he is actively focusing on the anti-drug war and fighting terrorism. Is someone's ego getting hurt?

I feel it is shameful on the media to only show one side of the story.

Worst, I just thought yellow media (bias and dishonest) is only in the Philippines.

Hmmm...Something is fishy. International conspiracy, perhaps?

09-18-16 Correction was made in reference to the Linkedin article.