Friday, September 30, 2016

The Birth of My Other Side

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In this crazy world, the mightier of the swords will survive but the humorous among all could keep his sanity intact before he dies.

The Birth of Humor in Earth is Full of Nuts website by Ymatruz

Dry humor, eh?

Not a master of it. Maybe because, humor comes with natural talent like when you deliver the lines, by your actions or context of the joke.

I cannot exactly describe my kind of humor (means the one I like). But I can give you examples based on the movies I've watched.

Napoleon Dynamite - Ahh, sort of funny but not the movie I will pay a dime in theater.

Deadpool - Some scenes makes me laugh. He talks too much.

Avengers ( both version) - I love all the humor presented in both movies.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Life is full of nuts...But I like it!

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I am a wife. A badly serious wife claiming an old-fashioned relationship but which I ask my husband to get rid of the cobwebs from the ceiling while I wash the dishes. I volunteer to cook  then, I interrupt his cozy movies so he could poison test the food. 

Or, with our mutual understanding, where he would let me buy my shoes and clothing and so he could buy his own Star Wars or Marvel collections. Fair enough. No lengthy questions asked.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

When A Young Artist Dreams

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The poems says it all, “When a young artist dreams”.

Ymatruz Poetry. Image courtesy of Free Pretty Things for You.

Molded thoughts of a child
by her mother's hands & grace,
she asked her, who do you want to be

A mockingbird singing opera
or a duckling princess dancing at night?
Her mother buzzing like a fly, talked endlessly

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Are you using Yahoo Mail? Read this Hacking News & Secure your Account Now

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Yahoo has been hacked. And it was not a joke.

I was sitting comfortably in front of a computer, figuring out the next poem topic to blog when a good lady approached me and asked if I had heard about the Yahoo hacking news reported today. I immediately opened a Chrome browser and confirmed it was all over the news online, except that the incident involving at least 500 million user accounts happened in late 2014 and it was reported today after Yahoo's recent investigation. Good Lord, isn't it?

When you go to the official Yahoo mail website, you will be presented with the message "Account Security Issue" at the bottom of the "Sign in" field.

Yahoo mail with the Account Security Notice

Here are the statement from Yahoo:

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Mother's Masterpiece: Her Unbaked Sculpture

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dirty hands
are not always
dirty, so to speak.

firing clay
rides the potter's
wheel, or sculpted hands

shaped like
brown, crafted mannequin
fingers begging, or praying?

Friday, September 16, 2016

Conspiracy Theory to discredit President Duterte: Money isn't the root of all evils

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Money isn't the root of all evils, but selfish ambition in the heart along with bad conscience.

I never wanted to talk about politics in this blog. Except on one occasion where I aired my views about my Presidential bet during the Philippines May 2016 election. Politics is a topic which displeases me most of the time and causes me to clench my fists out of frustration because all I hear are dishonest and bias reports by news media. If I could have, I would keep my mouth shut and ignore the bad vibes from the yellow media so they do not penetrate into my brain energy.

But not when I see a man of great honor, for the second time after President Marcos, surfaces in the Philippine politics, bringing with him the genuine love of his nation and open-minded understanding of the needs of his people.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In honor of World Teachers' Day: Tribute to All The Teachers

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In honor of World Teachers' Day next month, I am citing an old article to pay tribute to all the teachers out there.

Related to the story I mentioned above, I want to recognize once more that indeed, God did a good job in touching the hearts of people along my path - my family who were with me for better or worst, my teachers who believed in me and molded my knowledge, friends who stayed by my side and few life's mentors who pitched their sermons so that I would keep on moving forward when setback happens. They deserved a special mention in this article.

Facebook users: How to protect your account

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Have you heard about hacked Facebook accounts?

Hackers tend to use unauthorized login when sending phishing email, spam, suspicious link, "please send me money" scam or purchase apps and/or with Facebook credits and to the worst - identity theft to extortion.

Phishing emails are fake emails often intended to lure you to access links that mimics legitimate websites. When you are directed to a phishing link, it asks you to enter your personal information and full account details. For example, if you login to your bank website, normally it will only asks for your username and password. If the website you are accessing asks for your account number during login, do not proceed. Or sometimes, there would be a fake email supposedly from your bank asking all your personal information and account numbers, if that is the case, do not reply to the email.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Five Words That Mean Different If You Marry A Filipino

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There was a rumor going around that if you marry a Filipino, you end up marrying the whole clan. Somebody I asked who  married one, said it is true. Not in the bad side though. He said it is because based on his own experience,  he felt becoming a real part of the family. He felt at ease and comfortable around every Filipino he met, so far. Except when some are running away when he started to ask questions. Simply because, Filipinos don't converse in English everyday particularly in his wife's town where the natives are not used to have foreigners as guests. There is no doubt Filipinos understand when someone talks in English, but there is a tendency some will respond either in "Barok English" which means broken English (also known as Carabao English) or stutter when slowly figuring out first "how do say this word in English?", pointing to anybody near them.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Poem of Truth: How I Plan My Escape

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"How I Plan My Escape"

The storm was gone.
It left me stricken,
Sickened by the chilling wind.
The thunder bluster
Yet lingers in my ears.
Bequeathed nothing

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Moonlight Gazing

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Watching the movie
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
under the moonlight
on a calm Thursday night.
Ahh..why life can't be
like this everyday
All over the world?

Rekindled Passion: My Journey to Publication Part 2

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Last month I wrote a blog article about the first part of my Rekindled Passion - My Journey to Publication.  I found myself enjoying writing more and more so I decided to create a continuation of that article. The list of poems is getting longer. However, I have self-published some of my poetry since then. Even though, my willpower and instinct are telling me to keep going 'till I find fish in the sea.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sunset: Behind An Artist Overcoming Creative Block

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(The heart behind an artist overcoming creative block)

By the orange sunset echoes the tedious litany,
his pledge to the shallow grave of her dreams
rapidly fragmenting into blurry illusions, turning
lies into pieces of smooth-faced crystal sand
clinging between her worn-out fingers & toes.
"I shall be with you forever". Of course,
the ever forgiving heart stretched its lips
into smile, pounding the soft rock inside her
into powdery grains of sweet sugar cane.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Give Me A Dollar and I Will Give You Millions, Says Lottery

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The man complained, "Before I win the lottery, I do not exist."

Winning the lottery is not anymore a dream. And because of it, many noticed him. Family, friends, and strangers he never met in his life before. Because of the 6 numerical combinations printed on his ticket, drawn just perfectly to claim the million dollars prize, suddenly he now exists in their lives.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Untold Secrets of Diamonds: As Told by a Grandmother Who Adore Robert Frost

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The Untold Secrets of Diamonds
(As told by a grandmother who adore Robert Frost)

Listen to the arts of kids, 
     their hands when tied have wings
be mindful of pledge not done,
     could command your heart like kings.