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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Star Wars Yoda Says Poem He Cannot Write, So I Ask Him My Editor To Be

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: | |

This work was my first attempt of writing prose poetry. When I thought of Yoda as my subject, I realized why not add a little humor in it. It turned out good and I liked it. Hope you do, too.

Yoda is popular for his words of wisdom's "Do or do not there is no try" in Star Wars.

When Star Wars was born, I was a three-months old baby. Probably, at that time crying
when my mother was late feeding me a half-sized bottle of her breast milk or maybe I was
just crying myself to sleep for the fun of waking her up with my dry, shed tears. Or maybe
she was sucking snot from my flat-browned nose when I couldn't breathe or feed properly.
Then laid me on a hanging bamboo cradle swinging back and forth in our old, rocking
two-story house. My mother said I was small like a bee, that she could fit two of me
in a shoe box. It made me think if she was telling tales of my brother's tiny shoes or hers.

I wanted to have the powers of a super human so I could stop the drama and soft music
my mother was playing while she sang along with it with her lullaby. Her love of classics
and old style melodies I inherited, sadly and so I accepted myself born with teary-eyes
with both of my brown-eyes prodded with tears, more and more as the harmony goes on.

I wished Yoda visited me that day, when I was still a cub to pass his Jedi powers onto me.
To be touched by his legendary, wise green-bladed lightsaber was a great honor and lifesaver.

And I didn't mean my arms to be cut by his glowing weapon that could swing 360 degrees along
with his 180 degrees tumbling and acrobatic jumps to defeat the enemy. Yoda is a tiny creature,
so small as his weapon scaled-down to his size yet he is the Master of all. Other Jedi bow down
their heads shaped like beautiful horns while kneeling to the floor when seen by him.
Yoda is the opposite of blatherskite and has a height barely above the young, miniature donkey.
The wisdom from his tiny hummingbird source of breathe echoes in chiliad, traversing galaxies
and even expanding to the universe as far as Tatooine.

Thinking about it, maybe Yoda passed one thing to me through his mind remotely and it was
his small size but powerful words of wisdom. Powerful because could you imagine how I was able
to convince my husband who's so private, reserve and secretive to answer the Star Wars saga
interview questions I set for him? He made my dream come true of being a would-be-journalist
just by doing this. I could remember last summer, in the June wedding dinner we both attended,
his adored cousin asked me how were his toys which I replied "Oh, I'm playing with it."
For they knew he was a big kid. I married a big kid with tons of kiddie toy collections, from his
Marvels characters down to his Star Wars, Legos, and GI Joes.
His emacity for toys, nobody could beat.

After the interview with my husband, I talked to Yoda through his vision sensing power
and I asked him, if he could write a poem for me and if he could confirm the answers
given by my husband corresponds to the beliefs of the elders of the highest Jedi order.

I was ecstatic when he responded:

"Poem I cannot write. But editor I could be."

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