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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When the Grasshoppers Talk to You: Is it a Spirit?

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Grasshoppers aren't much interesting topic for some people. But, the story I am telling you today has something "unusual" (or very weird, so to speak) spiritual relevance so I thought it may be worth sharing.

When I looked to the grasshopper, I was having chills but not scared. I felt the goosebumps all over my body.

One day, I was walking back to my apartment, I looked up, watched the clouds as I always do and praised the beautiful wonders of God's creations. In the recent years, I slowly became a nature lover. You know, like when you stopped in the middle of walking just to inhale the fresh air and smell the flowers and the leaves of the trees. Though I was not sure if getting older had something to do with it or not, I was sure other peers of my age were feeling the same way, too.

On the way, I spoke softly to my thoughts something about my departed father that he should not worry about us and we will get by and live better like what he dreamed of us. That we always pray for him to be forever happy with our creator. "He's  our guiding spirit.", I said to myself.

That moment also, I was pondering about my career or doing a major leap over something different, a writing passion which I had buried long time ago. When I was younger, writing wasn't a great source of income and because I needed to earn money doing a day job, I decided to keep my mind off from it. This thought haunting my dreams would be a  big change in my life. Recently, I found myself rekindling my old passion and it felt so great when you do things you really like.

"I change my mind constantly. My wants vary daily. But my goal stays with me, sailing high!" ran through my head and it lingered there for a long time.

As I opened the vertical blinds of the glass door going out in the balcony, I saw a green grasshopper in the door screen slanted with its head downwards. I told myself, it may jump away later so I never thought of tapping the glass door to push it away.

An hour later, I noticed the grasshopper was still in the door screen. I looked closely and saw its green body. It didn't move. "Was it dead? Or, was it eating the metal screen?" Who knows why it was there? As I came near it, I could tell it was breathing from the abdomen, like a heartbeat. Hmm, I meant abdo-beat.

I began saying random things like, "Are you hungry? Do you want to come in?" when it started to move its wings. The grasshopper had its eyes looking at me. Then I remembered my Dad, maybe he was giving me a sign or something. "Don't worry, about us. We will get better. I want to start writing more, shall I do it?" That's when the weirder things began to  happen. The grasshopper moved its legs and I saw its pale brown mouth that seemed like murmuring silently. Is this grasshopper talking to me?

I repeat the same things." Don't worry about us. We are fine. We promised you, right, we will make your dreams come true for all of us - for mom especially. We are taking care of each other, don't worry." My eyes were tearing up. The more I uttered those words, the more it moved its wings and body and its upper front legs moved alternately. Afterwards, I heard a loud bang in the front door. I was having chills but not scared. I felt the goosebumps all over my body. What was that? I just thought this green grasshopper was really talking to me. But, how would I know what it was trying to say?

So, I Googled. Where else, could I get the answer? The grasshopper was there in the door screen for hours, not feeding itself. Watching me, perhaps. Why?

According to this spiritual website, if the grasshopper showed up in your life:
"It is asking you to take a leap of faith. To go ahead and take the big step without knowing the outcome. If you have avoided doing something linked to a large scale change in direction - change in careers or locations,  then go ahead and move forward." 

For me, it simply means jump forward to your dream. Your faith will back you up.

Another enlightenment site mentioned about grasshoppers associated with astral travel, leaping through life's mysteries:
 "Grasshoppers can only jump forward - not backwards or sideways. It is telling you go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you. It is a symbol of your inner voice, to trust yours." 

So trust your instincts, basically.

More than five hours have passed, the poor grasshopper was still hanging on the screen door. What if it was just tired from leaping the ground up to the fourth floor? Whatever it was, I don't understand how this grasshopper managed to rest that long with its head down. Weird.

And whether or not this grasshopper omen means significant to my plans in the future, you will know soon.

Thank you for your time and keep reading Ymatruz Instinct. If you have grasshoppers experiences you want to share with us, feel free to send us a message.



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