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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Heart of A Bird: Why do birds glide?

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One of my favorite parts during road travel is watching the birds glide through the air. I always wonder and wish I could fly like a bird. Probably, this was the reason I always dreamt of flying.

When I was a kid, I thought the birds were "showing off" their flying skills to their 'bird friends" or potential mate when they glide or soar in the sky. Funny, huh. What do you want from me? I was just a kid at that time. But honestly, I still believe in it until now.

I'd say our bizarre childhood beliefs, deeply rooted in our veins are difficult to change. Maybe because, it came from our own silent thoughts or we never took the effort to find out why we believed things the way they were. But they are quite different from the superstitious beliefs my mother taught me, which most of the time I questioned and demanded proof of scientific explanations - like if a baby has a hiccup, how does it help putting a short coil of thread in his forehead? Or why can't you stand in the door when there is a pregnant woman in the house?

As weird as those mythical practices,  my tiny brat stubbornness about my consciously admitted childhood beliefs stick on me through my adult life. Just like when I hear the word "tiny" becomes synonymous to my name. Have you ever wonder why you rely much on your memories from childhood when telling a story? Then , when someone doesn't believe your narration starts the long argument and so the unpredictable word war erupts.

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According to Wikipedia, birds glide so they can sustain flight without flapping their wings. Soaring birds use rising air currents  then lock their stretched out wings by means of a specialized tendon. Makes sense? Yes, too much science. But as for me, my childhood theory persists. [grinch smile...]

What about this, have you imagine what birds think about humans as they look down below during their flight and if they even have a brain and a heart?

"The Heart of A Bird"

Somewhere out there lies the lyrics of my ode,
Waiting for the rain to fall from the sky.

I rush to catch the nightingale's song
To hear its music floating charms.

Instead of sitting peacefully in my nest,
Watching the passerby sobs in despair

As the sun melts the rock carved with her name,
I find myself wiping teardrops from his eyes.