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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rekindled Passion - My Journey to Publication

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Majority of writers aim for publication, myself included at which I'm focusing on poetry and essay while expanding my
vocabulary more. As I mentioned in my Thoughts page, among the forms of writings, poems are music to my ear. My heart sings when I write poems. For me, rhyming are like musical tunes and the more perfect the rhyme of the syllables, the higher is the pitch of the sound.

Poetry is a better way to sing my song." © 2016 Ymatruz

Boring hobby? True but I can't help it.

I like poems that will touch my heart, are powerful, and will make me cry. While, I might not spend time reading a Ghost story book, I could read a book of poetry in one sitting. If I'm alone in the house sometimes, I read poetry out loud - from Youtube, online magazines, or even my own creation. My favorite is the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling especially that line with "If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster." I have an unborn talent of a golden voice so I figure poetry is a better way to sing my song.

For years, I stopped writing poetry. I came up with many thoughts but I did not bother to write it down as it slipped my mind afterwards. Now that I'm back to my old habit ( or hobby I think is the better word), my new life started when I rekindled my passion. Through my blog, one of my goals is to practice writing more and more until it leads me to my journey to publication.

Rhyme poetry is my favorite but recently I started to explore the free verse and poetry's other forms. Here are what I have so far but I could not publish some of the poem contents unless I give up getting published to magazines (or my own book - a wish longing to come true). Unfortunately, most publishers will not accept previously published works even if it is from your personal blog.

I like the game of challenge so, bear with me.

Poems that are not listed here were published in this blog so please check the Poetry category or my Archives list.

If I am not writing poems or essays, I am going to attempt writing more technology articles like how-to tutorials with the aim of keeping the techie words in simple, layman's terms. You may check my current Technology articles, too.


This month marked the 6-months anniversary of my blog so if you need help with your Blogspot blogs, send me a message  and we will see if I could be able to provide tips (or guidance) in the coding of your startup website. I cannot promise to maintain your site technically but just a helping hand to share the challenges  and learning I had while working on my own website.

UPDATE SECTION: This post will be updated from to time for adding new poems in the list.

August 8, 2016: Added the poem "He Left Wickedness Under the Sea" as poet's respond to the article "After Nearly Dying, Michael Phelps Admits the Secret That Saved His Life And Made Him Swim Again"

August 9, 2016: Added the poem "Thank you" from the wedding couple.

August 10, 2016: Added the poem "The Untold Secrets of Diamonds".

August 11, 2016: Added the poem "Star Wars Yoda Says Poem He Cannot Write, So I Ask Him My Editor To Be" as my first attempt of writing prose poetry. I intended to add humor into it.

August 15, 2016: Added the poems "He Left Wickedness in the Sea" - A poem inspired by Michael Phelps' victory over alcoholism and "Top 10 Olympic Haiku" for awe-mazing athletes.

August 24, 2016: Added the poem "The Heart of a Bird".

The continuation of this list can be found in the following article: