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Monday, August 29, 2016

Every Human is A Tree: What Trees Teach Us About Life?

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If your grandmother tells you to stop reading this article because it isn't true. From now on, stop listening to your grandmother. LOLs.

Look closely at an adult tree and you will see a full grown man.

Ok. So?

The leaves of the trees which aid in food production of the plants are like our jobs, hobbies or other social activities - aiding in survival but which at times make us so toxic that we eventually get rid of it, like leaves falling from the tree.

Wonders of nature: The life of the tree resembles human life.

The tree branches are like our family factors essential per se in human life molding our minds and helping us to be happy and develop the necessary nourishment for spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical growth - stretching out their hands so we could achieve our purpose and goals in life. For one thing, even our family's religion as we grow up contribute to how we think and respond socially. Ever thought about why we have picture frames called "family tree"?

Because the life of the tree resembles human life. As you keep on reading, it will be presented to you in 5 ways:

Both bear fruit.

In humans, it is called offspring (or children) while for the trees, we know that they literally bear fruit. But although, all trees have seeds, not all trees produce fruit. Fruit-bearing trees are referred to typically with edible fruit and some plants fruit are not recommended for consumption by humans. Think about the edible fruit of a tree as an analogy for "children", while you imagine the trees not bearing fruit as those humans themselves who by nature, are not able to have their own offspring.

So how about the non-edible fruit?

In order to achieve equilibrium in life (the life of other living things included), everything has an opposite. This means there is a need to balance good and evil. You would not fully understand happiness, if you never experienced sadness. Or how would you appreciate something is fast if you haven't seen a thing moving slow? Unless you had a failure, you would not appreciate what is success.

If it is not eatable for humans, it is maybe eatable to animals or insects as they need to feed themselves, too. This takes part in the ecosystem of living things. We would not say inedible fruit are like "bad offspring" because they always come from the same tree. A better analogy would be to consider inedible fruit as intangible achievements we have in life - recognition, awards or honors. These 3 represent fruit of our labor.

On the other hand, edible fruit that are not well nourished rot and fall off from their mother tree earlier than harvest time. The same is true if you just leave a harvested fruit untouched and uneaten for days, they go bad and end in waste. They are comparable to children who lost their way due to lack of emotional attention or spiritual sustenance. When their needs are not taken care of, your children gradually become like rotting fruit, their lives deteriorates. Thus, timely and proper guidance and support from parents are important for children to become useful and successful edible fruit warmly accepted by society.

Both need air and food to survive.

You read earlier that all trees have seeds, where is the equilibrium in that?

Just like in humans, all of us carry reproductive cells. For the trees, they reproduce by their seeds. The reproduction processes of humans and trees (and other living things) initiate a new life cycle so that the life on Earth will continue to the next generations. Can you imagine if the trees or humans stop reproduction?

Trees need sunlight to process their food.
We exhale the carbon dioxide gas that trees need to process their food. Trees take water from the ground through their roots. By the process called photosynthesis, the trees use energy from the sun then turn water and carbon dioxide in the air into sugar and starches, and oxygen.

The trees produce the oxygen that humans need to breathe, and fruit that we eat to live. Trees even have herbal benefits to cure human diseases.

The ecosystem of living things sounds like very complex when we studied it in school but you can put it lightly as "what comes out of one living things, are used by the other. Or the population stability of one species, be it the predator or prey, matters. The increase or decrease of one, leads to ecological imbalance and probably worst, extinction."

Both sustain change of weather

During spring and summer times, when the trees are fully maintained, bearing flowers, and actively interacting with nature, they are like humans healthy and strong in spirit abundantly adapting to their environment.

Humans and the trees are creations able to self-sustain for change of weather as in fall to winter, summer to fall... During fall season, when the days dwindle down, this alert the trees to prepare for the upcoming winter.

Falling, dry leaves are like negative energies in humans. The human body needs to release those bad energies and seal itself from it in order to sustain strength in time for major disaster in life. In the same way trees seal the spots where the leaves are attached. Thus, stopping the water fluids going to the leaves, cause the leaves to dry and then finally, fall to the ground.

During the cold, dry air period, the trees live off from the food they stored during the busy summer days. If humans themselves prepared for unfortunate circumstances by storing good faith and strength in their hearts during summertime (or good times in human word), they can also live off rest of the heavy, weakening struggles in their lives as they wait patiently for the next spring.

When new leaves start, these mean new beginnings for us. Good motivations of oneself bring new hopes. The cold weather shall pass. The rainy days will end. As how the winter cold dooms the trees and rains flood our street, these periods in our lives shaken our faith and gives time for self-reflection so we can be more prepared and stronger next time.

Always think that winter or storms are coming, and ask yourself, are you fully equipped to sustain the uncertainty weather condition next time around?

Both suffer from bad weather

Both the trees and humans suffer from weather imbalance, be it frigid gust of winds, heavy storm, tornado or tidal waves. Both are even impacted by flooding and somehow contributed into it. The loss of trees in the mountains caused by humans illegal logging and uncontrolled cutting of trees. How did that sound like? If you are watching the news, you will hear stories of flooding that never happened in certain towns for some 20 or 30 years ago. Isn't it giving a sign that there is an imbalance somewhere in our environment causing normal rain weather becomes so catastrophic?


Both need love and care

To be alive: Healthy trees need more nurturing. Humans need love from one another. If we plant more trees and take care of them, that means we also tend to our lives as humans. And if you want humanity and trees natural life cycle to continue hundred years from now, an empty space was left here. As it is up to you, how you define and fulfill it.

Better start now before it is too late. Nature is waiting.