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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Approved for Adsense: Now The Party Begins

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"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."

And it was.

"Always see failure as a challenge to do better." © 2016 Ymatruz
Last  May, when my blog was only about 3 months old and with less than 20 articles, I applied for Adsense for the first time but I got rejected due to insufficient content.  In fact, I wrote a blog about it and my goal to win the Adsense trophy. You could find that article here.

Approval message from Adsense.

Just last night, I got my prize. I was approved for  Google Adsense! A big "CONGRATULATIONS! Your account is now fully approved." landed in my inbox. After the extra efforts and months of waiting till my blog reached its 6-months anniversary, I finally nailed it. While, it was time for a celebration, the party just started. I couldn't wait to reap more of the rewards soon. But I know it will require more hard work and non-stop blogging.

But whatever it takes, I'm ready.

The online resources that I found on how to improve your website to be Adsense-ready have been helpful. I would like to share some tips on you focusing more on the approach I did to my own blog.

Maybe one of these reasons were the key for getting approved but unfortunately, I could not tell you what was it exactly.

1. Enriched | Mixed Related Contents
Without suffering blog quality. When I read that literature are rarely being approved for Adsense, honestly, I felt hopeless. Why? Because, before Technology articles, literature was the topic that I liked most - particularly poetry and essay,  "You tend to write better if it is your passion." applies to me. So other than literature, I started to write some technology articles too. The reason I came up with my tagline - Literature + Blogging.

Another thing I did, I enhanced the articles and expanded them to at least 500 words. When I wrote a poem, I added little notes or interpretations as to what my poem was all about, commonly on the "inspirational" tune to reflect my blog mission. See my about page.

2. Site User-Friendliness
I also improved the user-friendliness of my website by adding the links to article resources ( both from menu tabs and quick links at the footer area). I made them visible in every page as much as possible. Now, from the home page, the users visiting my site should be able to see what type of posts were in the site. I have a Featured Post, Top Posts, Editor's Pick and Most Viewed for the Week. I ensured as well that  I have not missed the Categories and Search section.

3. Grammar Check
I am not perfect in English grammar but I am trying my best to improve it. During the time I was busy doing the encoding as I have chosen to create a responsive template for the mobile version of my blog, there were some "missed" grammar errors that I only noticed after random revisits of my own blog. When you are writing and overflowing with ideas, there are always room for errors. I think that's why the publishing companies hire editors and proofreaders. As for me, I started to consult my husband to help me with grammar check. I consider him my ghost editor-in-chief. Lucky me, hugs are enough for his compensation.

4. About your Blog
Improved also were text contents of my About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages. I added Sitemap and shown more articles link in the Home page.

5. SEO Optimization
I updated the search description for each blog posts. When you edit one of your posts, on the right side, you could find the Search Description. These are meta description about your blog (but texts doesn't necessarily need to appear in the blog)  that accordingly are used in search engines listing index.

6. No Third-Party Ads Provider
I avoided 3rd party ads link as suggested by some bloggers.

7. Blog Theme: Improving the Look and Feel
The hardest part and longest part,  I improved the look and feel of my blog through coding for both the web and mobile version. I was lucky to have the technical understanding but most were self-taught efforts from online examples and tutorials. Most of my time were used in this aspect.

I even adjusted the fonts as applicable to  a literature site. It doesn't mean you need to change your fonts, too. In my case, after I finished updating the fonts, the site turned out nicer.

8. Be Patient
If you are armed with patience, wait until 6 months at least before you apply for Google Adsense. When you apply, cross-check if you create quality articles with rich text contents. I had 37 articles when I applied Adsense for the second time.

9. Constant Posts Update
It is simple. Write more and more.


Keep your blog backup regularly. Backup the template (where your code is), the contents (article posts and pages xml version) and the layout backup (ones that are typically added in the sidebar or footer areas). You have to copy the layout codes one by one separate from the template.

After you get approve for Adsense, you will receive an email from adsense-noreply@google.com telling you to add the ad code in your blog. Make sure you add the adsense gadget (or adsense code) in appropriate pages which are rich in text.

Well, if you are aiming to win the Adsense prize, too, I hope this article would help. Goodluck!

I would like to end this post by thanking Google for the trust.


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