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Monday, July 11, 2016

Young but Not Dumb: Born Before the Millennials

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: | |

While ignorance is sometimes mistaken as being dumb, we forget to look on the amount of knowledge

someone has at a certain time. Isn't it that making a mistake due to lack of exposure is different from doing things wrong while you have the knowledge of the subject?
Among the technologies created, keyboard is the one that can be called "no rocket science"
even for a first time user. 

In this world, mastering "something" does not dictate you as being smart nor being ignorant can people judge you as unintelligent. Because many things are learned in the passage of time. 

The way I see it now: life is not dumb, it is funny. Here are few of my young, but hopefully not so dumb stories.

The first time I ever used a computer mouse in school, it didn't scroll the way I wanted it. So, I lifted the mouse up to see if the white arrow on the screen will move upward. My ignorance and common sense were not working together. But later on I learned, the white arrow is being called as the "cursor" and I do not need to move the mouse at the other end of the desk to scroll towards the top of the screen.

During the height of Nokia phone's success in Asia about two decades ago, the SMS texting was a booming technology. Of course, my 3310 phone had the classic Nokia ring tones configured in it. My mom was so alerted every time she heard the ring tone; to the point of shouting at the top of her lungs or waking me up to tell me, "Someone is calling you!" Then when I got up and checked, I almost fainted to see that I just received a text message. 

When you fail to do a process to complete a task might be a mistake, but a cover up "I forgot" or "I did not know" may be considered an acceptable excuse.

During our younger years, we cooked rice in a large charcoal stove. The rice cooker was invented by that time but my family cannot afford to get one.  I was 11 years old when Dad tasked me to cook rice in the pot. So after 5 minutes of putting the pot on the stove, my brothers smelled a little burnt and they wondered where the smell was coming from. I rushed to the stove to find I forgot to put water on the pot. Knowing my mistake, I looked back to my shocked brothers and told them, "I did not know I have to put water in it." Afterwards, I heard the most hysterical laughs in the history of mankind

There are some of you who may have similar experiences, especially those born before the time of the millennials. There is nothing to feel shameful, just laugh at it. During those days, we were simply young, not dumb. Or, ignorant but not stupid. Ignorance has a cure and everyone, no matter what age could improve their learning as time flies.

Technology is fast facing so upgrade your knowledge to keep up and do not forget to bring your common sense everywhere you go, it will absolutely come handy.

Guys, please note these point of views were based on my personal experiences. However, I stand open to correction if deemed necessary.