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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happiness Afterlife

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: | |

Losing a loved one is painful. Stunned, you feel your heart sinking and then comes this uneasy, tense wailing of denial that someone you love had departed from this world, "No, this is not happening!". It is like the pain of losing him/her from a tragedy or loss is endurable. Well, it is true. I know exactly how that feels like. Tell you what, the mourning may subsides after some time but it never ends.

Our lives on earth is only temporary. Let us live every seconds of it.

When my father was called home by God last year, each of us in the family were in deep grief. We all knew he suffered enough from his illness and we knew his end was coming but I had a harder time accepting it because I have never seen him in his last days. Two weeks of crying every night and till now that one year had passed, I can't stop the teardrops from my eyes each time I remember him.

This poem is for all of us who lost a loved one through any means. It is sad but our lives have to move on. There is nothing we could do but pray, pray and more prayers for their happiness in the kingdom of God. They will never be alone since the Lord is with them.

In your moment of sorrow
Rest of us are with you
When life that was borrowed
Was taken away from you.

To feel sorry for your loss
Are words hard to utter
Looking back at the cause
Of death doesn't matter.

Whether the end of one's life
Is his choice or God's will,
For his happiness afterlife,
Let's pray as act of goodwill.

May the grace of the Lord
Embraces and keeps his poor soul
That his spirit be not ignored
And never ends – in burning coal.

When he departs from this earth
May his life serves as a timepiece
And hope in his last breath
He'd be happy – and rest in peace.


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