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Wedding Goofs and Bloopers

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"It was not my dream to be here. But fate brought me to this place. To meet you and be with you and only God knew what's next."   


True happiness lives within our hearts. © 2016 Ymatruz

"Please be reminded that marriage is a gift." is my favorite line from our priest. He emphasized in his sermon that we were both a gift from God to each other. He might have said the same thing to other couples a hundred times but hearing it during our own ceremony was very pleasing to my ear ( and my groom I believed). :)

The whole wedding ended up almost perfect and I have to thankfully acknowledge my wedding coordinator who handled some of the few small issues professionally. But just like any other event, there would be things that would not go as planned or could go horribly wrong but it is up to the couple if they would want their Big Day end up either an embarrassing and unforgettable experience or treat it like the happiest day of their lives. In ours, we chose the latter.

It appeared like everybody that was present at the mass wanted to be in the picture when the photographer announced "Ok, we are now taking pictures with the relatives". If I had not known my relatives' kids, I would think some of them were photobombers. This is our version of "The Big Family Wedding". Take note, this was only from my mother's side and half of the husbands were not in the picture.

The Big Family Wedding. Where are the rest?
(Photo Copyright @ 2016 Ymatruz)

SCENE # 2:

Bride, do you take _________ here present for your lawful husband according to the rights of our mother, the Church.

Bride: Yes, I do!! (too excited and sure, hard tone)

Groom, do you take _________ here present for your lawful wife according to the rights of our mother, the Church.

Groom: Yes, I do. (nervous and soft

A typical groom behavior on his wedding day. Hmmm..ladies, what say you?

SCENE # 3:

When I was walking down the aisle, my wedding coordinator literally had to stop me from walking too fast. I was never a graceful walker so it did not occur to me that it was my wedding and I had to walk  slowly.

SCENE # 4:

During the entrance when the parents of the bride (in my case, my uncle standing in for my Dad who died 6 months before our wedding) hand over their daughter to the groom, the groom should do "Mano po" to the parents as a sign of respect. My groom was aware of it and was planned to do the gesture on the day but due to nervousness and excitement perhaps, he ended up shaking hands with my mother and my uncle. In Filipino culture, Mano is a tradition similar to hand-kissing gesture but instead of a kiss, the younger person will say "Mano po" to an older relative to ask permission in order to initiate the Mano gesture and the elder will offered his/her hands and the younger person will presses his forehead on the elder's hand. It is done to show respect or when accepting a blessing from the elder relative.

The planned "Mano po" gesture by the groom ended up as a simple shake hands.
(Photo Copyright @ 2016 Ymatruz)
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SCENE # 5:

In a typical wedding, the bride and groom should stay kneeling unless the priest told them to sit or stand up. But there was part of the mass ( I forgot exactly) from which in a regular weekly mass, the people should be standing up. My groom whispered to me "Aren't we supposed to be standing up?" I looked around and saw everybody were standing up so I told him "Hunny, everybody is standing." And so we did! I glanced at the priest and he had this look on his face, "Who told you to stand up?!" Ha-ha.

SCENE # 6:

During the ring exchange, my groom could not understand well what the priest was saying and that after the priest said it, I had to repeat the words to him (which supposedly those were his vows for me). I could remember both of us were giggling at that point.

Photo Copyright @ 2016 Ymatruz

SCENE # 7:

Right after when the ceremony was finished, a bird pooped in the altar in front of us (beside the flower bouquet I put on my left side when we exchanged rings). I wished I looked up to see what kind of bird left us an odd wedding present. Does bird poop brings good luck? Because few months before our wedding, I actually had a bird poop on my legs and if I had not walked a second faster, the poop could have landed on my head. Almost a yuck-y moment.

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