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Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Install and Play Clash of Clans in Windows

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There came a thought from my self-declared-techie brother if I wanted to write articles about COC games. So I asked him, "What is COC?" (which obviously hinted him I did not know anything about online games).

Since I was young, my brain did not want to process computer games. Never was I interested and on few occasions I attempted to play, I got hooked at it and I ended up losing long unproductive hours of my day. I had bad experience, too about more than a year ago when I installed a simple game on my Android phone. My phone ran out of battery while playing a game and the phone never boot up properly since then. My theory was that the memory (RAM) of the phone failed causing the Android apps to crash. I followed all Android troubleshooting online to no avail and it wouldn't even boot to safemode.

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Anyway, so when I heard COC, my brain thought about "Certificate of Candidacy". My brother told me then that he was referring to Clash of Clans. He said it had millions of users worldwide and it would be great if I could write a tutorial on "How to Install and Play Clash of Clans in Windows". A game tutorial from a non-gamer point of view, really? Let us see.

Fast forward, he supplied me the screenshots that he captured when he installed the game on his computer and how he fixed the errors he encountered. His draft of tutorial was not bad and I just needed to put his thoughts altogether as you can read below:

READY? Let the clash begins on your PC.

Technical details

Please note that the operating system used in the installation was Windows 8.1 with i3 processor, 2.53 GHz 3 GB RAM and the Android emulator used was Bluestacks.

System requirements:
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • HD standard of graphics card/driver
  •  At least i3 and above processors is  recommended for an improved performance

How to install:
1. Download the latest version of Bluestacks
2. Install Bluestacks by following the guide.
3. After installation, start Bluestacks. Keep in mind that it takes sometimes to initialize. Be patient.
4. Once it started enter your email address and password to synchronize your account details.
5. Accept the terms and condition of Google Play Services then hit OK. Wait until you are  successfully signed in.

6. Under Android tab, search Clash of Clans and install it. You will be redirected to Google Play store.

7. Hit Clash of Clans to start your game and sign in to your existing games details to synchronize your current status.

Pretty straight forward, huh? But we are not done yet. The creation of this article was triggered by the errors that were encountered during installation. More reading below:

  • Unable to synchronize your account details
  • Couldn’t sign in. Your email address and password doesn’t match even you entered the correct details
  • There was a problem communicating with Google servers
  • Sound trouble if you are using a 3D sound card device

1. Close Bluestacks.
2. Disable temporarily the internet related programs. (e.g. Windows update)
3. Disable temporarily your anti-virus program.
4. Restart your router and computer.
5. Open Bluestacks under Android tab search COC (Clash of Clans) and it will ask to enter your credentials.
6. On your android phone device Go to Settings> Apps Manager > Google Play Services > Storage > Hit clear cache and clear data to refresh your Google account details and adding it again.
7. Alternately Sign in to any Google apps like Google Photos.
8. In my case signing in to my Google photos using my Google account is set automatically.
Logged in into Google Play Services
9. If you are using Google 2 steps verification, you are required to sign in first on your browser.

Inside Bluestacks

If all your credentials are entered correctly you should be able to play COC smoothly on your PC or laptop.

TIP: After the COC was installed and played successfully, go to the COC settings and make sure you are connected to Google Play games or Facebook for backup purposes. If anything happens to your phone, you could recover your games fast.

10. In case your PC has no working audio card but you are using 3D sound card, don’t worry there is a usb port available to set up your 3D sound card. Please follow the steps below:

Go to Control Panel:

Hardware and Sound:

Sound Card:

Under playback tab choose your 3D sound card device, click configure at the bottom, test it, tick front left and right then hit next and then finish.

Under communications tabs tick “do nothing” then hit ok.

Keep in mind : Before you begin to use 3D sound card you should restart the audio programs first in order to work properly, which means close the audio program and re-open it again. Try on your windows media player for sure.

There you go folks. Hit us with comments and hope we could help you!

Credits to Moko C.