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Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Disable Facebook Messenger-SMS Integration

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The time has come when the integration of Third-Party applications is just a click on a button.

While I was not exactly sure how my phone's SMS app got attached into Facebook Messenger, I could remember seeing a prompt yesterday or the other day whether I would want Messenger to be my default SMS app, which I thought I ignored. 

But today while actively chatting in Messenger, I sent a text message to someone and when I got the reply, the response became visible to the Messenger application with some pinkish-purple Contact icons. A little confused, I just thought maybe I hit Ok to enable the app switch by mistake since I was busy studying some codes and editing a Clash of Clans article at that time.

Anyway, it was not a big deal for me. I love using Facebook but I am used to texting using the SMS app that originally came with my phone and I want to keep it that way, for now.

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If the same thing happened to you and you want to revert back receiving your text messages from Messenger to your SMS application, do not worry. The steps are very simple. However, note that the screenshots provided below came from an LG Android phone.

From your phone's Facebook Messenger, click the icon on the top right. Scroll down until you see the SMS setting. Click it.

You will notice that the "SMS in Messenger" is ON as you see the slide-icon has a blue color.

Slide the "SMS in Messenger" to the left to disable it. The slide-icon should turn grey. Doing this will disable the SMS being visible in Facebook Messenger. Oh-la, problem solved!

If you want to enable it again, simply scroll the slide-icon to the right. You will begin seeing your SMS messages in the Facebook Messenger.

Did this article help you?  See you again next time.