Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fighting the Beast

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An actual photo shot of a feather-like cloud formation during an absolute perfect summer day.

Gazing toward the bluest sky
while my mind floats as light as a feather
I smile and I see hope.

Like a wind rushing into my window,
the shadow of faith casts over my head.
Then I know good life awaits me.

When life gets rough,
I would stand on my feet.
Not in the first light of morning

nor I'd wait from dusk till dawn,
but now!
At this very moment,

I'd tell myself, "Get up! 
Would you let defeat
consume your soul?"

When it rains, it pours.
and yes, take the mud of worries, it's yours.
But leave my own cards for me to play.

As I'm ready to break the back of the beast.
Like the flu I got last winter,
this plight, this too shall pass.

If you face a difficult situation, you tend to feel frustrated. It is normal to feel that way. But hey, it is not the end of the world. Find a "useful" outlet to release your anger and frustrations - read a book, write a poem or an essay, take a vacation, learn a new skill, meditate, or practice yoga. Name it, the list of good stuff is long. 

Did you notice that when you share a problem to your good friend, he/ she tends to feel frustrated too?  It is because he/ she absorbs your emotional energy, call it energy transfer in Physics. What about shopping? For girls, they say that it is the best therapy for overcoming frustrations and sadness but be wary of your finances. 

Whatever bad feeling you have right now, it is just temporary. Do not ever lose hope and keep in mind that sunshine would always comes after the rain. 

We hope this insight helped you. Thank you for reading.