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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5 of my Weirdest Dreams You Will Never Believe

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Dreams may mean anything and not everybody is able to remember their dreams when they wake up.

Did you ever have a weird dream?

But when at times I remember mine, I would spend a few minutes of my morning trying to recall it and thinking what it meant. I had dreamed of myself flying in the air many times, or winning a million dollars in the lottery. In my lottery dream, there seemed to be 3 winners of a total of more than $300 million dollars and each of us got something around $113 million dollars. After I woke up, it felt so real and I really wished it was.

Before I ever flew in a plane to a foreign destination, I dreamed of being in a plane where I saw the map of the world from the airplane window. The plane landed on an island where the natives were wearing their tribal colorful clothes and they have hats (or baskets on their heads) full of fruit and it seemed to me I was visiting the island along with others as tourists.

Weird as it were, some dreams of mine made me feel good and gave me a good motivation for the day,  few were a little terrifying or funny. While looking into my old stuff, I stumbled onto an old notebook where I wrote about a few of my dreams from two years ago. One thing is for sure, I don't remember most of what was written in the book.

March 28, 2014
I had this dream after the Malaysian Airlines MH370 went missing:
I saw a plane in the middle of the forest, stuck with lots of trees around it. The plane was in stationary position and did not appear wrecked to me. I dreamed of flying over the ocean and passed by an island where I saw the plane. The island was small.

March 29, 2014
I put $50 in my brother's pocket. Then I was walking with him and my younger sister and I saw tons of money in the mud in the following denominations - P20, P100 and $50. We picked it up. I saw a woman throw thick bags of money in the trash and my sister and I picked it up. When we opened the bag, what appeared were food, cookies, etc.

April 8, 2014
There were guests in our house but the inside of the house looked differently from our current place or from the houses I have ever been to. When I entered the bedroom, I saw the bed sheet was removed and the bedroom was re-arranged by someone else and it was looking better. I saw flowers, too. In my dream, my husband said he did not arrange it. His mother came and said she did remove the bed sheet, washed it and redecorated the room. We all laughed.

April 9, 2014
In this dream, I was buying a small cake with my husband from a small bakery in my father's hometown near where my parents lived. The cake tastes like honey graham with a special flavor. The girl in the bakery said it costs P5 per slice and I asked how much was the whole cake, she said the price was P500. But later on, she said it was only P15.

When we were crossing the street, we saw a little boy running towards his father. My husband grabbed the boy to save him from being hit by a vehicle. Inside my parent's house, they were sitting on the couch and the boy was there. He peed on the floor and my mother go up to attend to him.

© 2016 Ymatruz - Monstrous, dark clouds staring at me.

April 17, 2014
My husband and I were in a hallway. We opened the door to enter the tunnel connected to a building. Suddenly there was a commotion. People were screaming "Hide!" and running towards the inside of the building. There was a dark, monstrous cloud coming towards us. I saw the scary scene outside from the window. Afterwards, I saw some people were lying on the ground. I did not know if they were dead or just sleeping. My husband and I looked into them, then I heard him saying "Ok, it's work time!"

I opened my eyes and there was my husband waking me up to go to work.


So, how good are you in interpreting dreams? Feel free to interpret mine.


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