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Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to fix blogger unresponsive template and page not loading

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The next morning after I received the rejection email from Google Adsense, I decided to do final edit to the article I wrote the night before until I noticed that my blog page was not responding and the Firefox browser prompted to stop or continue running a script.

Backup your template and contents in case unexpected error comes up.

I tried different browsers like Google Chrome and Windows 10's Microsoft Edge. Nothing. The loading page was stuck at "waiting for cache".

I checked my dashboard to backup my template before figuring out what really happened. To my surprise, even my template was not responsive. Literally, my reaction was a big OH MY GOD, what was happening. I was referring to long nights of work and suddenly I could not access my template. The lesson in this scenario, backup your template and post contents. I was glad I had both. But the question still remained, how would it help me if could not even restore to my backup since the template page failed to load?

Here was the error when I accessed my blog's homepage through Chrome browser. It only gave me an option either to kill or wait which both did not help at all.

Did I not say earlier that Firefox showed a script error? 

I noticed too that the script error message came when it failed to load the contents of my sidebar and I figured, my contact and about page does not have that sidebar widgets enabled. I tried these two pages through direct link like and both loads perfectly. Hmmm..my techie instinct came in handy. I thought of a way. Isn't that when you login to Blogger and you viewed your blogs using the same browser, you could see the "gear or tool icon" for your widgets. Take a look on the next screenshot:

I used the following tricks using Mozilla Firefox:

Login to Blogger. (Please note you do not need to necessarily open your blog's dashboard. Do not attempt to access the template page because it will cause the Blogger page to hang again.)

I opened my blog's  homepage (which had the script or unresponsive error). When the script error message came, I hit the "Stop script" button. The page loaded but with incomplete contents.

Since I suspected the script error was caused by my sidebar widgets, my guess was right. So I clicked the gear/tool icon  of the offending widget, copied the HTML/ javascript codes to a notepad as a backup and removed the widget completely. Viola! No more errors. I went to my blog's dashboard and the Backup/ Restore template is now accessible.

As of this writing, I had not taken a closer look why my sidebar  widget script caused the problem. Everything was working completely the day before so I really had no idea. The most important thing to me right then was that only a small piece of my blog was gone and I could live without it. At least, the error was fixed and I was back to my regular blogging activities.

Other than literary articles, I would start writing technology tutorial blogs, too. I would like to write an article for every issues that I will face myself and share the solutions in this blog. Sounds like a plan? Sharing is fun and that's how I learned blogging anyway.


The most likely reason for unresponsive template and page not loading is the third-party script so be careful when you are using one. When you use available third party scripts in .js extension, some online coding sources provide it using a URL and you don't know what codes are exactly inside it. Also, look for duplicate scripts that might be causing conflict in your template. If you alter the code parameters of third-party script to work in your blog, it won't harm double checking that,too.


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  1. Well spotted! Looks like a similar issue here. Thank you !