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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Thank You

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Why we say Thank you?

Thank you is such a popular word that we say it in every little favor asked from a friend or family member; or when they
did something very thoughtful to celebrate special occasions like a birthday, baptism or a wedding. It is a polite way of acknowledging a service or gift given to you or even for their simple presence in your life.

In this article, we will focus on "Wedding Thank You's". After months of preparation, the wedding is over and it is time for the couple to send thank you notes for the wedding gifts or even for guests who attended and took part on the wedding. Accordingly, the traditional etiquette of sending a thank you note after your wedding is within 2 - 3 months which means typically, guests will expect a thank you card within this period. So be sure you beat this time frame.

The challenge is what to write on the thank you notes.

For some people, they find it hard to put strong emotions into words and it is even harder to write thank you notes to guests you don't know very well. Therefore, hopefully these sample thank you templates could be of help:

For non-monetary gifts, try to include the gifts in your note:
"Thank you so much for celebrating our wedding with us and for the beautiful candle and picture frame. We are going to use the candle for a sweet romantic evening and we already displayed one of our wedding photos in the picture frame and hanged it on the wall. It is with great pleasure to see you. We hope you had a good time and we hope to see you again."

For monetary gifts:
"Thank you so much for your generous gift and for celebrating the wedding with us. It made us feel good seeing you at the party especially for (the groom...) who had always wanted to see family and friends on this important occasion of his life. We were thrilled when we heard you would be coming up from (other state..). It made the day more special. We hope you had a great time at the party. We love you and hope to see you again sometime soon."

For those who sent gifts but are not able to attend the party:
"Thank you so much for the generous gift you sent us. We really wish you could have been there to celebrate our wedding with us. We miss you and we hope to see you during our Thanksgiving party coming November or when we visit your place before the end of the year."

Sample thank you note for in-laws:
"Thank you so much for your overflowing love and support. We hope you had a great time at the party. Thank you also for the wedding gifts (elaborate gifts if there is enough space in the card). The musical crystal ball music box is our favorite. We can't thank you enough for everything especially for warmly welcoming me into the family. My greatest gratitude goes for you, for raising the man of my dreams. We love you."

If you want to have your thank you note more unique, impress your guests by saying Thank You in other languages:

In Spanish, you say "Gracias". If you want to say Many Thanks, "Muchas Gracias" is the better form.

In Italian, say "Grazie"

In French, it is "Merci". This confuses me a little as when I hear this word, I always think about "have mercy" or "have pity".

In Japanese, you say "Domo Arigato". Actually, since I came from Asia, this is the other version of Thank You I knew since I was young.

In Filipino, say "Maraming Salamat". Other version of it in Filipino-Cebuanos dialect is "Daghang Salamat". Philippines is one of those countries as tiny as it size on the map but it have about 13 different regional dialects. If you are in Manila or nearby provinces, Tagalog is most commonly being used. "Maraming Salamat" is in fact a Tagalog phrase.

In Thai, use "Khop Khun Mak Kha".

In Arabic, say it "Shukran".

If you want to learn more of the equivalent of Thank You in other languages, check this site.  It will also give you proper pronunciation.

Couple's post-wedding dinner at a local restaurant
Copyright © 2016 Ymatruz Instinct

Below is a short poem that we created to thank those who showered us gifts for our civil wedding. Our humble and heartfelt thank you!

You brought joy to our hearts
with your lovely wishes.
We can't thank you enough
for your wonderful gesture.
We never thought of such
unexpected gift
And quite overwhelmed
by your thoughtful treasure.