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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Old Man is an Angel

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: | |

Angels come in our lives and we may not even notice it.
Angels are real and they are all around us.

One night, Fely was left alone in their food store and she intentionally kept the store open in the hopes
that more customers would come. Time was around seven o'clock in the night and the weather was hot and humid. Her mother and sister went into the market to buy the ingredients for the next day's menu while her father and brothers were in another place running errands.

"His eyes are inviting, looked honest and she felt guilt for not smiling back."

While she was sitting comfortably inside the shop, it started to drizzle. From afar, she saw an old man wearing brown pants and carrying what looked to her as a sack in his back, looking for cover since the rain started pouring heavily. He came near the shop and sat in front where the wooden benches were. It came across her mind that he would order food or hot coffee while waiting for the rain to stop. But, she did not insist nor offered him anything. She simply looked at him and felt strange. His eyes were inviting, looked honest and she felt guilt for not smiling back. In him, she remembered her grandfather by her mother's side whom she have been so close dearly since young. Her grandfather died when she was 18 years old. 

She started a little conversation and asked the old man where he lived. He said he lived in a nearby barangay and he passed by the shop and the same street everyday. With doubts in her head, she thought she never seen him before and swore it was the first time she ever saw the old man's face. 

The old man started to ask questions and she simply nodded and did not say anything much. Since she was the only one in the house, she tried to be careful and vigilant in dealing with strangers. She grabbed a newspaper pretending that she want to read as she tried to divert the attention of the old man away from her. She had a strong feeling in her that he was watching and reading her mind. She felt fear but just ignored it.

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At one point, while he tried to get her again into a conversation, he looked and pointed at the other side of the road where there were pool of stinking garbage. He said that if those garbage would not be removed and disposed properly, it would clogged the sewage and caused flooding in the area. She followed where his finger was pointing, nodded in agreement and told herself, “I agree with you but people around here don't care. They threw garbage wherever they want and it was really a shame seeing these people dumping their thrash everywhere.” Garbage are being picked up by trucks on a regular basis from designated places but still some undisciplined civilians dared to put their junk wherever they feel like.

"It was flooding inside the shop like a lightning fast!"

In less than five minutes from when the old man talked about the  possible flooding, she felt rushed of dirty water in her feet. It was flooding inside the shop like a lightning fast! Shocked, she did not know whether to wind a watch or bark at the moon. Their house was attached to the shop and that made her to panic more since she was alone and wondered who would help her save all of their things. Twisted in the wind, she could not asked help from neighbors as they were busy as well saving their own stuff. 

As if the old man heard her prayer when he said, “Do you want me to help you?"

She really freaked out and to calm her self down she prayed, “Oh, God, who would help me?” As if the old man heard her prayer when he said, “Do you want me to help you?”. She told him she was alone and appreciated the help. At the back of her mind, “How come I ignored him when he seemed like seen the vision of flooding?” It was really strange. She welcomed him inside the shop and house as he helped her placed everything they could on higher levels like tables, chairs or bed. Together, they carried the washing machine and placed it on one table Luckily, the fridge was already elevated from the ground and the old man said they could leave it that way and it would be fine. And now, he was like so sure that the flooding water would not reached it! 

She realized the old man was there for a reason, like an angel sent from heaven to help her in that rough time. She knew, she was quick enough to judge and doubted him at first but was thankful of his timely presence.

The heavy rain finally stopped but her family took longer hours to come home due to the flooding in many places. When they came, she told her family about her guardian angel.  

The flood that day was one of the worsts that their town ever encountered after more than 10 years. Many other houses in their village were carried away by the heavy rains, downed to the creek and blocked the sewage tunnel under the bridge even more that caused the nearby areas to be submerged in flood water.

Have you also felt the presence of angels in your lives? Send us a comment to share your experience.