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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Once a Wisecrack

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: |

Wealth doesn't always bring happiness.
People with 10 million are no happier than people with 9 million.
(Unknown. This is a saying from the dish plate I purchased from a consignment store in Somerville, NJ.)

Image: ©  2016 ymatruz.blogspot.com

I live in a large, imposing house
Built in the city of social patrons,
Where all powerful flesh and bones
hold one's breath and and golden throne.

I dwell in plethora of diamonds
Away from indigence and misery,
The envy of a frowzy servitor
And epitome of rational reality.

I reside in the world of classic faces
Swagging sapphire, climbing the giant Sequoia,
Where tycoons aboard the keen carousel,
And artists embrace camera with their easel.

I wander the hall of wizardry
Elitist doth meet, scoundrel's worried,
Restless mind keeps its journey,
As wiseacre around concealed.

I resign from the well of a wisecrack,
Before it drives sanity as imbecile,
Ceased dawdling, had it scrap,
Just enough for a worthless lie.

I have to confess I am no rich,
Somehow I dream I would be,
Yet, like the enchanted Roman nymph,
I wish I could face life with full glee.

Now, I lean on dusky, shattered window
Playing vista in the sky,
No more daydreams, no more lies
Barely let kismet lead me by.

Once a Wisecrack was first published online on Voice.net in 2010. Here is the heartwarming response from my audience and I am glad to catch someone's attention:

"Amelia a fancy-full tale of the girl who got everything she wanted, and still wasn't happy. It all sounds wonderful with diamonds, homes and thrones; but true wealth is from loving friends and family and no amount of money can buy that. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us, Amelia, and reminding us how wealthy we really are. :)"