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Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Father's Legacy

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My Father's Legacy
The legacy of a father is not of what material inheritance was left
but how his grandchildren are well brought up to be good human beings.

Dad on his old morning routine.
Image: ©  2016 Ymatruz
This is true with my Dad. He was born poor and died as one. He neither finished high school nor even got a really stable, fix earning, long term job in his life. He was a taxi driver, carpenter, mechanic in his own ways, a secretary of the urban poor organization, a jeepney driver and perhaps a farmer in his younger days. 

He remembered his grade school days walking kilometers to go to school and helping his teacher so he could get some free snacks. Striving to live and survive till his last breath, it was like that is the life meant for him.

Dad, along with my Mom, built quite a big family, with 6 sons and 2 daughters and 16 grandchildren as of the current count (most are boys). Well, that's already a legacy in the making. 

I am proud to say that even though the environment where we grew up was a shelter of some nasty drug addicts,  no one among us ever got into addiction. I would say not because of fear to my Dad, but because of our respect to him.

We are taught to cook, learn the household chores, study hard and be satisfied with what we have. It is not that he never wanted us to aim for betterment in life but if we wanted something more, we should work hard for it We all graduated high school with the exception of us lovely daughters who made it to college, something that both my parents were not able to do in their younger days. They always say, education is the only inheritance they could give us.

Seeing my nephew and nieces recently, I know that my Dad's teaching have been passed. The love and care to one another is evidently there. How the older cousins take care of the young ones are definitely touching. My husband always says that they are being raised as good kids.

The legacy of a father is not of what material inheritance was left but how his grandchildren are well brought up to be good human beings. It is my hope that this will be passed on to my father's grand, grandchildren.

My father and his morning cup of coffee
Image: ©  2016 Ymatruz
As the saying goes, "Gone but never forgotten", my father was the man who pushed us to where we are now. Before his last breath, he was surrounded by family and friends who loved him. Before he died, we are all unified in prayers that if the Lord cannot give him the miracle of healing, may God accept him in His kingdom. 

Rest in Peace, Papsi! Love you!! You will be missed.

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