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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#Lovefrogs (a poem): Bride's Secret Unveils on her Wedding Day

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Love is watching a movie together.
Love is a life meant to be forever.
Love is being lonely when you are not with me.
Love is a partnership, kissed by destiny.

Two clay-made, sweet frogs. Shots taken while waiting for a car wash. ©  2016 Ymatruz

This short poem was actually the theme of our church wedding.

To match with it, I created a personalized video-slideshow using the free trial from Animoto with our old pictures included and photos from both our families. (Our official photographer & videographer hinted to use Animoto but keeping only the trial version was solely my idea) I picked the song "It's All About Your Heart" by Mindy Gledhill for the background music. The first two lines of this song captured me and the slow-paced tune was perfect for the outcome I was eyeing for. Here's the lyrics of the first stanza:

I don't mind your odd behavior
It's the very thing I love
If you were an ice cream flavor
You would be my favorite one

When I showed the final video to my husband and in-laws, I never needed a word to show their appreciation as their tears told me that they were touched by what they had seen. Who won't be? I have watched it more than 10 times and I still cry after watching it.

I was born like that. Teary-eyed.

Photo screenshot from the video-slideshow I created for our church wedding

My mother was a bit hysterical when she saw the video after seeing my Dad in it. She had a valid, deep reason. My father died past 6 months before our wedding. I remembered my mom's text message during the time my father was in and out of the hospital, she told him that he should hold on so he could send me to the altar on the big day. It was his dream. But his dying physique prevailed last year.

I heard you. It was indeed, too bad and too sad. But?

Anyway, back to the wedding stories. My groom and his brother went with me to celebrate the church wedding in Philippines. My in-laws couldn't come, my mother-in-law especially who have fear of flying. So I thought of an idea to ask my groom's family "secretly" to record a wedding greetings video. It was a collaboration between me, my mother-in-law, and my brother-in-law who was also the best man in the wedding.

My role was to keep my husband busy so he wouldn't know we were planning a surprise for him. My mother-in-law coordinated everything and she contacted relatives regarding the plan. While my brother-in-law acted as the videographer. That time, Thanksgiving was coming so we ended up recording more videos from closest family members. Those who were not there, sent their self-made videos and our "videographer/director" mixed and edited the different videos together with the Star Wars opening music. My groom was a certified Star Wars fan so the song was tailor-made.

I wish I could share the videos here but I have high respect for privacy of other persons involved. But I could assure you, it was really great. I wouldn't mind, dear readers, if you copy the same idea for your own wedding. {Happy grinned face..}


In the wedding reception, the surprise video was played during the wine toast and the intro was stunning. My groom was touched and astonished. Of course, that was our intention in the first place! It was our respond to his wedding wish. He had told me many times before, he would be so much happy if his family showed up on the day (excluding his younger brother. He was already there. He was the best man, remember?)

So we made it happened for him – virtually though. In his disbelief, he asked how we were able to shot the video of their relatives when he was also there at the same Thanksgiving party? My respond: It doesn't matter. All I know, we did a good job!

Just imagine the Star Wars song while reading below (text courtesy of my brother-in-law):

Episode 1

The Congratulations Video

During a time of great
rejoicing, many loved ones
were summoned to celebrate
and congratulate a terrific
couple on their nuptials. Their
presence was requested in
person to witness the
creation of a new alliance
between [Groom] and [Bride].

No turmoil or act of God is
keeping these folks from
joining the happy couple but
they all wanted to be there in
spirit. Let's be honest, they
just wanted to send their well
wishes and congratulate
you...and bring order to the galaxy.

Fantastic wordings.

Are you expecting to read more? Well, that was it. My secret revealed on our wedding day – to make one of my groom's dreams come true. A collaborative effort and spy-like wedding prep with my awesome new family. The kids and rest of the family did a great job, too, by not spilling the beans to my unminded groom.