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Saturday, February 27, 2016

From Rags to Riches

By: Ymatruz | Filed under: |

What we hope to be like tomorrow, depends on the choices we make today. What we experience and erudite will be our primary arms in responding to the bolder challenges outside. But this seems to be an empty gesture if we have not set goals for ourselves.

Oftentimes, when I feel down and losing hope, I always stumble into inspiring "from rags to riches" news from the newspapers, articles that I read from magazines, stories I heard from old people or online posts from a facebook friend and other social media. 

From rags to riches is not simply about living life without money to being a millionaire, but the lessons that are really important are the hardwork, courage and perseverance a person has to endure that pave the way to his success. It is making your life better when you started with nothing. 

Our goals will focus our attention and wherever the attention goes, energy flows. Big goals attract great energy and that energy we will be exerting will propel us towards realization of what we would become in the coming years.

By taking the "long, crooked" roads to achieve goals and determination to uplift one's life from poverty is really remarkable.  Being a teary-eyed myself, I typically end up sniffing after reading these wonderful life essays and I can't help but share these true to life tales that "move" me.

Today, I came across this story of the son of a "tuba" (coconut wine) farmer who became the PMA valedictorian (Philippine Military Academy) Class of 2013. He deserves our salute!