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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Be Inspired!

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Travel is fun and inspiring. Well, I mean if you do it for leisure. It clears your mind from the daily stress of work. It is soothing like what you feel when you just come out from a warm spa massage. You might walk long miles or climb a hill for that zipline tour but you don't feel tired. Your adventure spirit is high and the excitement is overly in the air. 


Playing "The lady in shining armor". © 2016 Ymatruz

In our recent trip abroad, we went to a beautiful Palawan island in the western part of Philippines. The experience was amazing. I am still collecting my thoughts to write a separate blog about it. The Underground river was the highlight of that trip. 

The unfortunate thing was we were only able to spend few days to relax because of our wedding event. Palawan island was a huge place and it would take a minimum of one week to explore the whole island. While we were there, we have seen how blue was the ocean. No kidding. My husband described the water as comparable to that of a Gatorade Cool Blue drink. Amazing! 


Tell me your motiff, tulips! Image: ©  2016 Ymatruz

For the first time, both me and my husband rode a horse and climbed the Taal volcano during our 2013 travel. Taal Volcano's last eruption happened four decades ago although there were seismic activities reported few years back. I hope that did not scare you off. But don't worry, there are hundreds of international tourists that visit the crater lake island daily. Are you longing to climb a volcano? Try Taal. However, make sure that you are ready to hike under a 98 degrees Fahrenheit weather either by walking or you are fearless enough to ride a horse. 



It's a lake, yes! On top of Taal volcano! Image: ©  2016 Ymatruz

When we reached the top of volcano there we found a lake. The feeling was indescribable. Who else among the people we know ever climb a volcano, hmmm?  Coming down the hill, we opted to walk even though the road was stiff and rocky and honestly we grasped for air because it was hot and humid. But we survived! There is no fun when there is no pain. If you ever want to try, have fun and be inspired like us.

I also took some pictures while on the plane on the way back to US. Using my LG G4 mobile phone, I had a clear shot taken 37,000 ft up high.

Shot taken from 37,000 ft up high!Image: ©  2016 Ymatruz

Here is a picture taken from Hundred Islands during one of our trip to the Pearl of the Orient Seas, Philippines.

The relaxing beauty of nature in a midday
view of Hundred Islands. Image: ©  2016 Ymatruz